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Bingo Phrases For Dummies-Learn The Bingo Lingo Now!


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Do you feel as if the bingo phrases are over your head? Don’t let any of this bingo lingo scare you off. Once you get the hang of it, you will be chatting away before you know it and it will become second nature. If you chat to other players with the same bingo phrases, you will feel a sense of belonging and make the game more fun at the same time.


Here is our list of bingo phrases

ATB-all the bestBOL-best of luck

1TGone number to go
2TGtwo numbers to go
3TGthree numbers to go
AKAalso known as
AFAIKas far as I known
ASAPas soon as possible
BBLbe back later
BBSbe back soon
BFboy friend
BFNbye for now
BLNTbetter luck next time
BRBbe right back
BTWby the way
CBScome back soon
CYAsee ya
DBLdon´t be long
EGevil grin
FAQfrequently asked questions
FYIfor your information
G4Ugood for you (good game)
GALget a life
GFgirl friend
GGgood going (good game)
GJgood job
GLgood luck
GLAgood luck all
GLEgood luck everyone
GMgood morning
GNgood night
G2BBgreat to be back
G2CUglad to see you (good game)
HBhurry back
H&Khug and kiss
HAGNhave a good night
IDKI dont know
ICI see
IMHOin my honest opinion
IRLin real life
JKjust kidding
JMOjust my opinion
JTLYKjust to let you know
KITkeep in touch
KOTCkiss on the cheek
KOTLkiss on the lips
L8R G8Rlater gator
LAYlooking at you
LMAOlaughing my @$$ off
LOLlaughing out loud
LOFTINGtalking in private chat (the loft)
LTNSlong time no see
LUWAMHlove you with all my heart
LYlove ya
N2BBnice to be back
NETUAnobody ever tells us anything
NITMnot in the mood
NPno problem
NTnice try
OICoh, I see
OMGoh my goodness (gawd)
OTOHon the other hand
PMprivate message
PMSLpissing myself laughing
POOFI have left the chat
ROFLrolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAOrolling on floor laughing my @$$ off
SOHFsense of humor failure
SETEsmiling ear to ear
TCtake care
TFYthinking of you
TGIFthank god its friday
TTYLtalk to you later
TYthank you
TYVMthank you very much
U2you too
VIPvery important person
WBwelcome back
WDwell done
WTGway to go
WYSIWYGwhat you see is what you get
YVWyou’re very welcome
YWyou’re welcome

Do I Type Bingo Lingo Phrases In Small Caps?

There are plenty of online bingo phrases for you to use, but you may not need all of them. Most sites will also provide a list of bingo lingo slang terms, but here is an overview of what you will see when you enter into a game. One thing to remember is to always chat in lowercase letters. Usually, the uppercase is reserved for the administrator of the site. In addition, some words will mean exactly what they spell, but others will be shorthand for an entire phrase.

If you want to become an expert and join in the fun, then our full list of bingo calls 1 thru 90 will get you up to speed on the names of the numbers when called.

Do You Know The Most Basic Bingo Phrases?

Here is a look at some of the words and bingo phrases that you will encounter in just about any site. Of course, one of the most popular will be B-I-N-G-O. This will be used any time someone wins the game and completes a row, column, or whatever else is required to have a winning card. When a game begins, you may also see other players wishing you the best of luck and that will be exclaimed as “bol”. In addition, some players may want to wish everyone good luck and they may use a phrase such as good luck which will be expressed as “gl”. There are other variations of good luck and they may include good luck all (gla) or good luck everyone (glev1). Once you see what letters and numbers the shorthand uses, you will usually be able to sound out or deduct what other players are trying to say to you and to others in the game.


If you are having any problems within the game, then all you have to do is say “help” and support will arrive either in the form of fellow players or through an administrator. If you win a game, you will likely be congratulated by several of your fellow players. If you would like to tell them thank you, then all you have to do is type “ty”. You can also type “tyu2” for “thank you, you too”. You can also use “tyvm” in order to say “thank you very much” for those who want to tell you congratulations on our big win.


Also important in this game is to know how many more squares you may need in order to win. You may want to let other people know how close you are to a win. You can do this by typing in “1tg” for one to go, “2tg” for two to go and “3tg” for three to go.


It may take a little while, but once you have been using these shortcuts and chat phrases for a while, you will be able to quickly type what you want and know what others are saying. Using these abbreviations can be fun when you are playing bingo for cash prizes. Knowing the bingo lingo allow you to communicate much quicker than you would if you were taking the time to type everything out that you are trying to say. Just give it a while and it will be second nature.

If you have other chat phrases not have been mentioned above, please send us an email so that we can make our list as comprehensive as possible.

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