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Welcome to, the best website for accredited online bingo sites. The aim of IBS is to offer players everything that they need to know, such as the pros & cons of the websites, games offered, promotions, customer service, licensing etc. We also offer a whole host of articles in regards to online bingo and casino. is the perfect place for players to gain information and better understanding about these games.

All the information found on IBS is guaranteed to be well researched, updated and fresh to provide better clarity of information to our visitors.

We offer two types of reviews. There are reviews that are well written and well researched by our own professional players and the second type of review is the one that is rated by our readers. This allows readers to see professional opinions on the website and at the same time, they have the chance to see how normal players rate any given website. You will gain a clearer and thorough picture of the reputation of the bingo site. Sorry, we do not allow comments on our reviews pages because there is too much false information out there. Most of the comments you read on other sites are competitors trying to slash the competition, or an agency hired by a company to write false positive reviews. We wish to protect our visitors from any misleading information out there from false advertising.

There are hundreds of online bingo websites on the internet with tens of new casinos entering the scene regularly. This can make it quite hard for new players to know where to play or even where to start looking. This is why at, we provide players with a top 50 list of online casinos that lets them narrow down the choices.

Top 50 Online Bingo List

The reviews written by our own professional players were tested and examined personally to ensure it is written and researched well. This process ensures our readers as well as the whole website that all of the content published on our website are based on facts and are unbiased. The reviews that we provide to our readers cover every single aspect of each website such as customer service, reputation, payouts, software, licensing, ease of use, bonuses and the variety of games. Our aim is to make sure our readers gain enough knowledge and information to make their own informed choices on which website they wish to play at.

Player Reviews

The reviews written by our readers are of their personal opinions, which may not be that well researched but these personal opinions are critical and useful. They are also easier to relate to. has a large list of the most played at and popular online bingo websites today. We understand that a lot of people online find it overwhelming to find a website to play in, and we also know that it is very important to only play in reputable websites. That is why we have come up with a list to help you out on this one.

We also offer tutorials on the different types of bingo, slots, blackjack, roulette and video poker. We are very aware that not all players know the best strategies and tips to have a more successful gaming experience. Our tutorials are very easy to understand. We also teach our readers on the things that they should do before they start playing at any online gaming site. We provide the clearest explanations to help our readers get a better understanding on the games that they are going to play online. Everything that they need to know about these games can be found on our website and we guarantee that we only provide the most accurate information.

At, we always aim to give the best to our readers through the content that we provide. We also guarantee that we have the best professional staff to ensure high quality work and the best information to our readers. We are going to give you the best accredited bingo sites, that is guaranteed!

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