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Bingo Awards: Most Recommended for 2021

bingo awards is pleased to announce our winners for the award of most recommended online bingo sites for 2021. Our bingo awards represent only the most highest of standards in the industry.

Despite the tough competition in this industry, our winners have managed to stay on top in the following categories. Each of our winners must achieve a minimum of 80% in each of these categories to be awarded.


1. Website design and software
2. Chat host and chat games
3. Large jackpots
4. Player activity and ratings
5. Game quality
6. Support
7. Generous promotions


Our information is carefully gathered on a monthly basis to ensure consistency within each of the chosen sites. We also monitor Social Media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to monitor feedback from the players as well as our own rating guides on our full review pages. We have listened to the player’s suggestions and have taken into account all that has been said. All the information is weighed carefully by the team before any decisions are made. With all that said, let’s introduce our Bingo Awards:
1. Bingo Hall
2. Vic’s Bingo
3. Bingo For Money
4. SouthBeach Bingo
5. Bingo Canada
6. Instant Bingo
7. Internet Bingo


Congratulations to all our Bingo Award winners! Best of luck to everyone next year!