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Bingo Call Rhymes 1-90 I Do You Know Your Bingo Numbers?

bingo callsBingo calls can be a lot of fun and will differ depending on where you are and what continent you are currently on. Some may be geared towards those living in England, while other bingo sayings are more common in places like North America. No matter where you are, these bingo calls add more excitement to your game play. With so many bingo numbers, it may be a long time before you actually learn all of them. Just keep listening and soon you will know them all by heart.

Here Is Our List Of Bingo Calls

Call Number Call Number Call Number
Kelly’s Eye 1 One Little Duck 2 Cup of Tea 3
Knock at the Door 4 Man Alive 5 Tom’s Tricks 6
Lucky 7 Garden Gate 8 Doctor’s Orders 9
Tony’s Den 10 Legs Eleven 11 One Dozen 12
Unlucky for Some 13 Valentine’s Day 14 Young and Keen 15
Sweet Sixteen 16 Dancing Queen 17 Coming of Age 18
Goodbye Teens 19 One Score 20 Key of the Door 21
Two Little Ducks 22 Thee and Me 23 Two Dozen 24
Duck and Dive 25 Pick and Mix 26 Gateway to Heaven 27
Overweight 28 Rise and Shine 29 Dirty Gertie 30
Get up and Run 31 Buckle my Shoe 32 Dirty Knee 33
Ask for More 34 Jump and Jive 35 Three Dozen 36
More than Eleven 37 Christmas Cake 38 Steps 39
Naughty Forty 40 Time for Fun 41 Winnie the Pooh 42
Down on your Knees 43 Droppy Drawers 44 Halfway There 45
Up to Tricks 46 Four and Seven 47 Four Dozen 48
P.C 49 Half a Century 50 Tweak of the Thumb 51
Danny La Rue 52 Stuck in the Tree 53 Clean the Floor 54
Snakes Alive 55 Was she Worth it 56 Heinz Varieties 57
Make them Wait 58 Brighton Line 59 Five Dozen 60
Bakers Bun 61 Turn on the Screw 62 Tickle Me 63
Red Raw 64 Old Age Pension 65 Clickety Click 66
Made in Heaven 67 Saving Grace 68 Either Way Up 69
Three Score & Ten 70 Bang on the Drum 71 Six Dozen 72
Queen B 73 Candy Store 74 Strive & Strive 75
Trombones 76 Sunset Strip 77 Heavens Gate 78
One More Time 79 Eight & Blank 80 Stop & Run 81
Straight on Through 82 Time for Tea 83 Seven Dozen 84
Staying Alive 85 Between the Sticks 86 Torquay in Devon 87
Two Fat Ladies 88 Nearly There 89 Top of the Shop 90


Make Sure To Memorize Your Bingo Numbers

It may be a little difficult to get used to all of the different bingo numbers at the very beginning, but soon they will become second nature. However, in order to get you started, you should know the basics.


This game can have an entire language of its own. From playing in a traditional hall, to playing online bingo, this game has a language that is not heard anywhere else. What makes this game so unique is that the caller doesn’t just call out the letter and number that is picked. Instead, there can be numerous calls for each number. This makes calling out the numbers and letters much more entertaining and gets the crowd involved. It doesn’t matter where you play, bingo calls always add to the game.


Let’s start at the beginning with number one. The bingo calls associated with this number can be any of the following: Kelly’s eye, buttered scone, in the beginning, Little Jimmy, Nelson’s column, B1 baby of bingo, first on the board, number ace, and son of a gun. With funny bingo calls like this who wouldn’t want to play real money bingo?


Number two also has a lot of different calls that go along with it including; one little duck, baby’s done it, a doctor who, me and you, little boy blue, home alone, or peek a boo.

Number three can also go by several different calls including; dearie me, I’m free, Debbie McGee, you and me, goodness me, one little flea, a cup of tea, and a monkey on the tree.
You will notice that a lot of the bingo calls will rhyme with the particular number that is being called. This makes it easier to remember for the caller and makes it flow smoother as well. In addition, the bingo number will make the game much more exciting than just having someone call out a number and a letter. They also add a little more spice to the game.

Number four also has several bingo numbers including; the one next door, on the floor, knock at the door, B4 crowd says “and after”, Bobby Moore, and shut the door.

Number five doesn’t have quite as many calls, but still include; man alive, Jack’s alive and one little snake.

Number six has just as few bingo calls; Tom Mix, Tom’s tricks, chopsticks and in a fix.

Number seven has a few more such as; lucky seven, God’s in heaven, one little crutch, David Beckham, one hockey stick and a slice of heaven.
These bingo number calls can be a blast and the game gets even better when you learn your bingo lingo terms and phrases.

I hope you found this list of bingo calls helpful. Leave feedback for anything we may have missed that are not listed above.


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