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Bingo Lingo – What the Heck is a NEUTA?

You would be excused for being confused by bingo lingo, it may well be not immediately apparent what a NEUTA is. It is actually not a thing, merely bingo lingo for a phrase meaning “nobody ever tells us anything. And there are some bingo lingo terms that we actually don’t see why anybody should be telling us, such as MNC – Mother Nature calls and IGP – I gotta pee, is it really essential that we know this?

Apparently so, as these are some of the most regularly used phrases in the bingo lingo handbook. POOF means I have left the chat, so if someone says POOF IGP, it means I have left the chat, I gotta pee. Once you get the idea, bingo lingo is simple to translate, it is merely the fastest way possible, in this instance, of sharing the fact that your bodily functions are calling you away from the fun – oh well, when you gotta go, you gotta go I suppose!

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