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The History Of Bingo ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’

history of bingo

1530 – The history of bingo reveals this game was first developed in Italy. At this point in time, bingo was a lottery style game that was referred to as “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”, among other names. From the long history, bingo and to this day, continues to be played every Saturday in Italy.

1778 -Bingo reaches France in the year 1778. The French version of the this game arrived and was played primarily by wealthy Frenchman.

1880The history of bingo – This game reached Germany in the year 1880, and was primarily used as a teaching tool for many educational purposes. It was used to teach math, history and spelling.

1929– Bingo reached North America in the year 1929, but was known as Beano at this time. Players would place small beans on called numbers and the object of the game was to create a straight row in any single direction. Bingo’s history says the winner would shout “Beano!” whenever the objective was reached. The game was eventually renamed and was successfully promoted by a salesman named Edwin S. Lowe who went on to popularize the game following its renaming.

1930– Edwin Lowe turned to a Columbia University mathematics professor named Carl Leffler with a request to have the number of card combinations increased to 6000. Allegedly this project was enough to drive the math professor insane.

Online bingo for cash sure has changed the way bingo is played. There is much more diversity and selection in modern times.

The History Of Bingo For 1934

1934 – In 1934, a church in North America began to coordinate bingo for charitable purposes with Edwin Lowe’s permission. From this point on, this game was allowed to become significantly more popular.

1968 – In the year 1968, the popularity of this game had become such that it was included in the North American gaming act.

1986 – In 1986 bingo was launched on a National level in the United Kingdom.

2007 -Today studies suggest there are 100 million people that are playing this game in a variety of different forms, including in land halls and through Online applications.

This is the history of bingo and how it came to be one of the worlds most loved games!!

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