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Blackjack – Casino House Rules

“Las Vegas Strip Rules” are in place at many casinos—not only ones in Las Vegas. These rules have become one of the more universal sets of Blackjack rules that quite a large number of casinos have begun to use. Of course, rules vary from casino to casino, and some casinos have added changes to the “Las Vegas Strip Rule” set. But here are the basic rules in the set:

• One standard 52-card deck is used for play

• The dealer is obligated to stand if his cards score 17 or greater

• A double down is an option for players no matter what their first two cards are

• Double downs are not an option for players who have already done pair splitting

• Pair splitting can be done for up to four hands

• Pair splitting of aces is allowed; however, players can only receive one other card to go along with each ace

• Surrender is not an available option

Of course, some of the rules in this rule set benefit the players, while others benefit the house. Because of this, adding variations to this rule set will affect both player and house odds.

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