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Bonus Bingo – The Re-deposit Bonus

There are many ways to earn bonus bingo when you play this game online, and one of the more popular bonuses is the re-deposit bonus. Re-deposit bonuses range in size from 25% to 50% under normal circumstances. However, there are a number of sites out there which base nearly all of their play in bonus bingo. A good example would be the sites on the Cozy Gaming Network. They offer very little in terms of tangible cash, and a lot in terms of bonus bingo, so their re-deposit bonuses may be in the hundreds of percent.

As for the rest, they offer reasonable amounts of bonus bingo for re-deposits and sometimes they offer larger amounts for promotions and other special events. You have to work for bonus bingo, it isn’t just free, so read all terms and conditions pertaining to it, before you agree to opt in.

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