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Casino Betting Systems

betting systems

Four different betting systems help a great number of Blackjack players to systemize their bets on each of their hands. Here are the four techniques:

1.) The Martingale System

The way this works is that the player starts with a relatively low bet, say $5. If he wins the hand, he makes the same bet on the next hand—in this case, $5. But if he loses, he doubles his bet. In this instance, it would be $10.

Several consecutive losses using this method can lead to big money losses. For this example, if the player lost the $10, he would then double it to $20. Another loss would double the bet to $40. This doubling could keep going on indefinitely, as long as he kept losing. The very experienced will not use this version.

2.) The D’Alembert System

Similar to the Martingale, players keep their original bet if they win their hand. A loss, though, does not result in a doubling of the bet—the player instead increases the bet by one unit. For example, if the initial bet was $5, a loss would increase to $10. The next loss would increase to $15, then $20, then $25, and so on.

Although this betting system may not drain a player’s wallet as quickly as the Martingale, the D’Alembert is still not used by many experienced players because it can end up costing quite a bit of money if they lose several hands in a row.

3.) The Parlay System

This works opposite to the Martingale and the D’Alembert betting systems. Instead of increasing their bets when they lose, they make them larger when they have a winning hand. Each time they win a hand, players bet all or part of their winnings on the next hand, along with the amount of the original. Many players like this version because the chance of losing a large sum of money is minimal. Also, this version is good for players trying to hide that they are counting cards.

4.) The Author’s System

This betting system works just like the D’Alembert. The rules are exactly the same as far as how and when bets are increased.

The difference is that the Author’s has a definite ending, whereas the D’Alembert can go on without end. This version is one in which you can sets limits for yourself. For example, he may decide that if he loses 6 times in a row, he will leave the table. Or he may decide that he has exactly $200 with which to play, and if he loses that money, he will quit. He may also decide that if he wins $200 (doubling his money, for example) or $300 or some other amount, he will stop at that point. The limits are up to you, and they are in place in order to stop you from possibly losing too much money.

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