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Red Players from United States
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Attractive and very modern, Cyber Slotz is a popular website which calls to many players across the world. Although it is not open to any continent in the United Kingdom, there are many great games offered along with a player-friendly chat program. However, the biggest downside to Cyber Slots is that there are very few bonuses offered. Despite this, you are still able to play for free for a limited number of turns. In addition, you have to offer a minimum $50 deposit in order to use the website has a member.

At CyberSlots there is no software you have to mess with and the graphics are gentle and not overwhelming, yet still enjoyable. One source of concern for many players is that they don’t offer a free sign up bonus. However, this is actually very common for UK website and should not be held against CyberSlots. In addition, although no U.S. players are allowed deposits are still able to be made in U.S. dollars or UK pounds. In addition, a number of credit cards can be used should the individual not the wish to use a bank transfer to pay for a deposit.

BingoTek with no software to download.

Cyber Slots Games

Cyber Slots offers two main games which is bingo and slots. Although there’s not a wide array of games to play, you can nonetheless have a good time playing on the web site. The minimum deposit to play the games is $10 U.S. and it is important to remember that the money is non-refundable. However, even though this is the case you can still have a great time playing these games even though there are only two main ones to choose from.

In addition, these games are offered:

75 Ball
90 Ball


Bonuses that are offered at Cyber Slots include 100% match and a maximum deposit of only $50 US. In addition, there are a number of wagering requirements which must be met in order to gain more bonuses. These provide an excellent incentive to the player to do more and place more bets. You can also expect loyalty rewards in monthly drawing bonuses for the individuals who continue to play on a regular basis but there are no other loyalty rewards.

Customer Support
Instant Chat
Phone: +44 1908 246 158
E-Mail: [email protected]
Address: Talarius Plc, Silbury Court, 368 Silbury Boulevard, Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom MK9 2AF

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