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3D Roulette


3D Roulette Game by Playtech brings the authentic roulette action one step closer to online gamblers thanks to its impressive visual effects and realistic design. This game was an instant hit among players and it still is a fan favorite pick among fans of table games.

3D Roulette Gameplay and Rules

Just like a regular roulette game session, a 3D Roulette Game session consists of three phases: placing bets, spinning of the wheel and pronouncing winners and losers. Players place bets by selecting the appropriate chip size and then clicking on the desired field; the spinning of the wheel is triggered by hitting the spin button.

In terms of table limits, this is a table that will suit the expectations of both low and high rollers since it accepts bets between 0.50 and 3,000. It should be noted though that each bet has its own limitations. For example, the min and max bet for straight up are 0.50 and 50, while for the even-paying bets the respective min and max bets are 5 and 300.

3D Roulette game bet

3D Roulette Betting Options and Pays

Since this is a regular roulette game played on a European layout, players can expect the standard betting options. In terms of inside bets, they can place straight up, split, trio, corner and line bets. Column, dozen, red, black, highs, lows, even and odd are the outside betting options players have. The pays are regular i.e. range from 1:1 to 35:1, depending on the placed bet.

In addition to the bets on the layout, the playing screen of the game also includes a racetrack with other options such as red splits, tiers du cylinder and voisins du zero.


3D Roulette Game by Playtech is an excellent choice for those that want more than a simple online roulette game. It boasts an authentic 3D design of the wheel, player-friendly single-zero layout and juicy pays of 35:1. Plus, this game has awesome betting limits, which make it a top choice among all kinds of players.

3D Roulette Game