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The game of Keno is a lottery type of gamble, yet the slight changes in betting processes and gameplay have made Keno all the more popular throughout the years. Considering that it has managed to survive and evolve into today’s online gambling platforms, the rewarding nature of this online game title has definitely been proven. After all, most online casinos add it among scratch cards and ‘Other Games’, as it provides just the right level of winning relaxation to players who want to shake up their online casino routine.

How to Play Online Keno

Playing Keno is fairly simple, especially considering that it is a lottery-based game. As such, it offers a range of numbers from 1 to 80, and players are supposed to select a specific range of numbers out of this total. Afterward, all players need to do is determine the amount of their stake and let the Random Number Generator choose 20 numbers at random. The more numbers from the selection happen to match your personal choices, the higher the reward.

Keno Game Play

With that in mind, players can choose a maximum of 15 numbers that are supposed to match the 20 numbers drawn by the game mechanism for the max payout amount. This max payout is normally seen at the game’s payout table, although it can be calculated based on the bet amount and the game’s RTP.

This Keno action is further available in autoplay mode or by selecting one of the set range of numbers you wish to pick, meaning all you have to do is sit back and collect your payouts.

Keno Game

Keno Strategies

The game of Keno doesn’t offer players too many chances to influence the outcome of the use of skills or knowledge, as it mainly depends on the RNG. Nevertheless, there are a few ways players could try to make their win more likely. One way to do it is to understand that more numbers mean higher payout but lower odds of hitting it. Experts consider six numbers as the ultimate balanced pick, as it offers a relatively rewarding payout with good odds of hitting it. Yet another way is by employing the best staking strategy that fits players’ bankrolls, such as fixed, proportional or any other betting strategy.

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