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Get a Bingo Bonus after Bingo Download 

If you want to grab a bingo bonus that is offered on a bingo site but you have to download the bingo software, first this may feel discouraging because you don’t know if you still qualify for a bingo sign up bonus that is offered on the site. The good news is that once you download the site and register, you will automatically be given the bingo bonus when your registration is complete. However, you do need to sign in to get the bonus. Here is how you can get your bonus.

· Download the bingo software, which is usually free. You can find the download button on the site.
· Install the software when the box pops up
· When download is complete when you can register to play.

If you don’t get your bingo bonus, you may want to contact customer service and explain to them that upon registration you were not issued your bingo bonus.

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