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52 Ball Bingo

52 Ball Bingo

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Online bingo as we knew it has evolved immensely and 52 ball bingo is an example of this. Developers are inventing new variants each year, trying to cater to different bingo fans. A newer variant that appeared a few years back is called 52 ball bingo. Now, while you would assume that it is a bingo variant played with 52 balls or 52 number values, you would be wrong. It is a cool combination of bingo and card games, so instead of marking 52 numbers on a bingo ticket, you will be playing with playing cards. Sounds exciting so far?

What Is 52 Ball Bingo?

52 ball bingo is nothing like you’ve seen before in online bingo rooms. It is a quick and thrilling variant that is based on entirely different rules and principles than the ones you’re used to, and while it may seem complicated to master, as soon as you start playing it, you’ll see that it is actually quite simple to play.

The main difference between this exciting variant and any other you’ve played so far, like 75 or 90 ball bingo, is that instead of a bingo ticket, you’ll get five playing cards. And instead of marking numbers on bingo tickets, you’ll be gathering chips each time your card is drawn.

Therefore, rather than playing with 52 balls, you’ll be playing with a card deck containing 52 playing cards. Continue reading to find out more how to play the game.

52 Ball Bingo Rules

There are no specific rules to the game that you would need to remember by heart. Once you join the game, you’ll see that the gameplay will go smooth.

The thing that you do need to know is that you won’t be playing with bingo balls and bingo tickets, but with playing cards and chips instead. You should know that a card deck with 52 will be in play. All 52 cards will be called out per game. When your number is called out, you need to cover it with a chip. The sooner you cover all five of your cards, the bigger your chances are of winning a huge prize.

While on the topic, you should know that there are different versions of the 52 ball bingo variant across online bingo sites. Some offer standard prizes, but others even offer jackpot prizes. That’s why this bingo variant is so thrilling. It is a combination of bingo and card games, and card games often have jackpots attached to them.

Therefore, when choosing an online bingo site to join to play the variant, make sure you check out whether it offers versions of it with jackpot prizes, for a better and more rewarding experience.

How to Play 52 Ball Bingo

The first thing you need to do is pay to join the game. After you’ve entered the game, you’ll get 5 playing cards, face-up. Now, you won’t be playing against the game itself, but you’ll be playing against other players. This is what gives the game a twist, and a resemblance to card games.

The objective is to cover the five cards you were dealt with with a chip. As soon as a card has been called, and you have it, you need to cover it with a chip. The player who managed to cover all of their cards with a chip first is the winner.
Therefore, instead of covering a line on a ticket, you need to make card combos to win. A range of prizes can be won depending on the cards you covered with the chip, but your goal should be getting a “full house” first and being crowned the winner.

Benefits of 52 Ball Bingo

If you’re a bingo player that also loves playing card games, 52 ball bingo is the variant you need to try at least once in your lifetime. It is a bingo game with card games elements that would suit your interests the most. But that’s not all you get by playing it. If you’re a competitive person by nature, and you’d like to top others when playing games, this is a game you need to choose. The first player that gets the “full house” wins, so it will be incredibly exciting for you when you see you’re the first one to cover all cards with chips.

On that note, considering the cards are called out quickly and players need to cover their cards with chips at the very instant, the game offers quick gameplay, so you’ll be able to play multiple games in a matter of an hour.

Don’t forget the fact that you can win a range of prizes, just like in card games, and even a jackpot prize, should you find a version of it that offers jackpots. So the first chance you get, make sure you give 52 ball bingo a try!

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