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How To Play 75 Ball Bingo

75 ball Bingo
There are a few different types of bingo, both online and offline, and one of the versions that are increasing most in popularity is 75-ball bingo. Unlike other versions, there is only 1 prize per game in 75-ball bingo meaning less chance of winning but nicer prizes when you do.

The 75 Ball Bingo Card

In 75-ball bingo, as you would expect, the numbers go from 1 to 75 and each ticket has 25 squares – displayed in a 5 by 5 square. The middle square is always a ‘free’ square meaning no number is displayed giving a total of 24 numbers on each card.

75 ball bingo card

The image above is of a typical card in 75-ball bingo. The top of the card has the word B – I – N – G – O printed above each vertical column and a certain series of numbers is allocated to each column, there are 15 for each. The “B” column is 1 – 15, I is 16 – 30, N is 31 – 45 and so on. There will be 5 random numbers between the minimum and maximum value for that column, except for the middle column where you will see there is the ‘free’ square mentioned above. Some of the games are ‘coverall’ games which means the winner is the first person to mark all 24 numbers from their card, however, most games in 75-ball bingo have a pattern of different squares which need to be completed in order to win the prize. Traditionally when a player wins, they would shout BINGO. When playing online this is done automatically.
Top bingo sites to play 75 ball bingo

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Australian Bingo Sites Bingo Billy
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bingo bonusesCyberBingo
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  Online Bingo AustraliaBingo Australia
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Rules Of 75 Ball Bingo


  • 1. You must fund your account

  • 2. You must buy at least one card to play

  • 3. There is a maximum of 96 cards that can be purchased

  • 4. Decide whether you want to keep the Autodaub function on or turn off to mark yourself

  • 5. If you would like your cards to be highlighted when you have 1TG, 2TG etc then adjust the settings to ‘Show 3 to go’



Ways To Win On 75 Ball Bingo

Below are the ways to win when playing 75 ball bingo:

  • 1. The smallest prize is won by marking off one full line or column

  • 2. A small win is by marking off two full coulumns or lines

  • 3. Medium prizes are won with 3 complete lines or columns marked off

  • 4. Big wins are won by 4 full columns or lines

  • 5. A full house wins the jackpot and that’s won by marking all the numbers on your card


Prize Structures

There are many different winning patterns that can be used and crosses, hearts, and stars are the most common choices. The prizes are valued below:

  • 1. 1st prize is won by filling in the whole card

  • 2. 2nd prize is completing the pattern

  • 3rd prize is won by one full column or line


Random Number Generator

An RNG – Random Number Generator – is used to determine the numbers drawn for an online game and each number will be clearly displayed when it is drawn and be marked off the card/s which have it.
75 ball 1tg 2tg games

The screenshot above displays several cards in play during a game of 75-ball bingo. The pattern for this particular game is a cross including the top left number and the top right number and all numbers diagonally down to the bottom left number etc. As the middle square is always ‘free’ there are 8 numbers in total that a player needs get to win the prize. The top left card requires just the number 5 to win whilst the one next to it requires 56 and 59.



75-Ball Bingo Strategy

All versions of bingo are based on pure luck and have no skill involved at all and therefore there is no guaranteed way to increase your chances of winning.
Most sites tend to be busier in the evenings as more people are home from work and are logging on to play. This can be a good or bad thing depending on your main reason for playing online bingo. The more players in a game, the more tickets will be sold and therefore the higher each prize will be. On the downside, the more tickets that are sold, the less chance there is of your ticket/s being the winning ones.
Look out for some of the higher guaranteed games that take place in the evenings and at weekends, these games don’t rely on the number of tickets sold but have a guaranteed prize pool that can be £1,000 or higher. Although these tend to have a high ticket cost and a lot of players, the prize available makes it worthwhile to consider especially in 75-ball bingo where 1 person takes the entire prize pool.
Most games will have a chat host who tries to get players chatting, they will often run some chat games which give away points or small amounts of cash or prizes. It is worth playing these as they can add to your bankroll quite regularly.
One of the most important things to consider when playing online bingo is the cost per ticket for each game and the maximum number of tickets that can be purchased. The more tickets you have the better your chance of winning but the higher amount of money you will need to pay out. Whilst this may not make too much of a difference in the very low buy-in games, some of the bigger games it can make a significant dent to your bankroll if you don’t win a prize. If you don’t have a particularly large bankroll you may be wise to play lower buy-in games but buy more tickets as opposed to higher priced games. This will increase your chances of getting a prize back even if it is lower than in the higher priced games.
Online bingo should be a social game as you do not need to do anything once tickets have been purchased apart from crossing your fingers and hoping for the right numbers, so why not use that time to chat to other players and make some new friends who also enjoy playing bingo online.
Which version you play really depends on what you are looking for from your game. If you are after winning money first and foremost then 75-ball bingo could be for you as there is more chance of winning a big amount than in 90-ball bingo which sees the prize pool divided into 3 prizes.
The rules are the same for each type of bingo, and as it is down to luck and has no skill involved, there are no in-depth strategies or rules to learn.
The first thing to do is to purchase your cards. The maximum number of tickets you can buy for each game and the cost of each ticket varies from game to game – the higher the cost of a ticket, the more money will be paid to the winner as the prize money is simply the amount of ticket sales less a fee which is paid to the bingo site.


There are hundreds of different patterns that can be used to win a game and some are very quick and may only need the 4 corners to be covered. Potentially the game could be over in just 4 calls, sometimes you require a line either horizontally, vertically or diagonally and other times there is a shape to be made. The required combination will be clearly displayed before a game starts and when playing online as the numbers are marked off automatically, there is no need to worry about each pattern too much.
Some people have lucky patterns when playing 75-ball bingo that they feel give them a better chance of winning. In reality, though, like all forms of bingo, it is a game of pure luck and every ticket has an equal chance of winning.

When you play 75-ball bingo online there are games starting every few minutes which is very convenient.

In 75-ball bingo, 100% of the prize money goes to the first person to get the required pattern, the prize is split equally if more than 1 person completes their pattern on the same number.
Once a game has finished, prizes are paid out automatically into your account when playing online, winnings are normally bought to your table when playing offline.
When a player completes the pattern, the winnings will be paid into their account automatically within a few minutes. When playing in a bingo hall an employee will normally come round and give you any winnings in cash during the next game.
Online bingo normally has chat games that take place from time to time so keep an eye out for these as they can give your bankroll a small boost without the need to gamble any further money.


The game is played exactly the same in land based clubs as it is online, the only difference being that with online version the numbers are automatically daubed. The word daub means marked off.

75 Ball Bingo Is Growing In The UK

75 Ball bingo is the variation of the game that is most enjoyed by US and Canadian players, but it is growing in popularity in the UK. This seems to be because it is so readily available online and most UK sites offer members a choice of different games. If you would like a longer version of bingo then you can learn how to play 90 ball bingo. This version is mostly played in Europe but is catching on in other parts of the world.

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