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How To Play 90 Ball Bingo-Strategies and Tips!

how to play 90 ball bingo

Of all the games that have been adapted for specific use online, 90 ball bingo has proven to be one of the one of the most popular. How to play 90 ball bingo and the reason for its popularity is also simple to understand, it is because playing any form of this game is easy and loads of fun. It doesn’t matter what form of the game you have played before if it is only 75 ball, you will soon grasp the concept of 90 ball bingo and it’s strategies. The only things which are different in the 90 ball version are the number of calls, the number of balls and the way you win.

This might seem like a great many differences but it’s not!

90 Ball Bingo

When you buy a 90 ball bingo card it is marked with a 27 square grid of three rows and nine columns. The grid is marked with 15 random numbers, five in each row, making up 15 different numbers. When the game begins and the numbers are called you simply mark them off with your dabber if you are in a land-based hall. If you aren’t, and you are playing online, they are automatically dabbed for you.


How to play 90 ball bingo for money is pretty simple. It means you have a row of numbers marked off in one row. This is the lowest price, you also win when you have two rows of numbers and when you have a full house. The full house is when all the numbers on the card have been marked off and the prize for this win is the biggest on offer. It is usually the jackpot prize!


Sometimes prizes are guaranteed and other times they are part of a PJP or progressive jackpot. PJP’s usually reach large amounts and are the most worthwhile prizes to win. However, they can be more difficult to achieve a win on. There are often criteria which have to be met, criteria such as getting the full house in a certain amount of numbers. I have seen very low call numbers on these prizes, so always read the terms and conditions of a game and make sure you understand them before you play for PJP’s.


90 Ball bingo is great fun to play and it is the favorite of the UK. Mostly because it has always been the most widely played in the UK, so it has transitioned to the internet well and has retained its popularity. UK bingo sites aren’t the only sites with this version though. How to play 90 ball bingo is very easily learned for the rest of the world and you can play this game no matter what country you live in.

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