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How To Play Keno

how to play Keno

It is very easy to learn how to play keno because it is so similar to bingo and the lottery. There are a number of variations on the rules of the game.


Keno is played with the numbers 1 through 80. A machine chooses numbers at random. The goal is to guess what numbers the machine or random generator will choose. You can pick up to 15 and place a bet for each round of the game. Then, 20 different numbers are chosen at random by the machine. The goal for you is to guess as many correctly as possible. The amount that is won is based on the number of players whose numbers matched the randomly generated numbers.

Players choose which numbers they want on the board. There might be an option of letting the computer choose 10 at random. When you pick a number on the board, it changes to a different color. If it is clicked on again, it will be de-selected. As additional numbers are picked, the potential payoff will be shown.

You choose how much to bet, which determines your pay out. A “hit” is what it is called when the pick the player has chosen is the same as the machine’s random number.

Like bingo, you can choose multiple games at once or just a single keno game.

Types of Keno Cards

Some casinos use different card types to change the game’s odds and keep people interested in this game. Therefore, there are other cards which are not listed, but the following are the most popular keno cards.

A Way Ticket lets players pick multiple sets, which costs less money to play than a straight ticket.
A Split Ticket lets players divide a card into two halves. This way, they can pay for only one game and play two. A 20 Spot Ticket lets players pick 20 spots on the board. This type generally has lower pay outs because they are 4-6 matches.

Progressive Jackpots

Basic keno machines have a fixed jackpot. This is not the case on a progressive jackpot keno machine. Every time a bet is placed, the jackpot gets increasingly larger. The player has to match 10 numbers in order to win the entire jackpot.

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