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Two Little Ducks and Bingo was his Name’O


Eyes down!

In other words, it’s time to play some Bingo!

If you’ve ever played a spirited game of Bingo, you’ve probably heard phrases yelled out during the course of the game but are unaware of what they mean. You’re about to learn a bit more about the slang and what better place to play a game than online with free games. Since 1530 A.D. Bingo has been a game enjoyed by people in Italy, traditionally on Saturdays and to this day approximately 90 million dollars’ worth of cards are bought a week. Whether you play it in the Hall or online in your pajamas, it is a fun game of luck and skill, causing many people to work their superstitions.

Bingo Fun Facts

Once you start playing online Bingo, beware; it can become highly addictive and one of the main reasons is the fun that can be had with the people in the room and the possibility of winnings. Look around any given land hall and you’ll see people laughing and having fun and while online is lacking the physical interaction, it can still be fun with chatting and friendships made. It can be what you look forward to all day at work or a fun distraction during the day. Free Bingo is one of the most popular games played on any given day and it can be a great way to interact with others.

Insanity in Bingo

Did you know that an American math professor went insane right after he developed more than 6,000 number combinations for the game? Don’t let that be the case in your life, pace yourself when it comes to online gaming as it’s always possible to lose it after hearing numbers and letters without winning. You may find yourself calling out “Beano” and everyone will think you’re crazy but in reality, that is what the original word was, not “Bingo.” The jackpots offered on some online sites are enough to make anyone go insane and to start yelling.

Origins of the Number Game

The game was designed for fun many years ago but even as more people began to play it, they realized how fun it could be and used it as an educational tool. From learning letters to colors, math facts and geography capitals, the game of Bingo was there to assist. It’s ironic to think of a gambling game like this being played and endorsed by schools around the world for many years. It did help kids learn the many basic skills in school and they still were able to have fun.
By the way, two little ducks in Bingo = two 6’s as they resemble those numbers.

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