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Demystifying Online Bingo Payouts: What You Need to Know

Guide to Online Bingo Payouts

If you’re new to online bingo payouts or seeking a deeper understanding, you’re in the right place. Dive into our comprehensive guide to explore every facet of online bingo payouts and maximize your bingo experience.

Understanding Online Bingo RTP

If you’re a fan of online bingo games and are curious about online bingo payouts, you’ve likely encountered the term RTP (Return-to-Player). RTP represents the percentage of the total wagered amount that gets paid back to winning players in a specific bingo game.

Different bingo games may have varying RTP percentages, impacting the overall profitability for players and online bingo sites. By exploring the RTP of different games, you can compare and choose the ones offering the best Return-to-Player percentage. This ensures that you’re well-positioned for attractive online bingo rewards.

Consider this example: You find an online bingo game with an RTP of 95%. In this case, 95% of the wagers made by players will be returned as winnings, while the remaining 5% is retained by the bingo site.

Key Factors Influencing Online Bingo RTP

Online bingo games typically have lower RTP percentages due to various factors. Crucial factors affecting RTP include the ticket price, the number of tickets sold, the jackpot size, and the overall payout structure.

For instance, a 90-ball bingo game typically ranges around 80% RTP, while 75-ball bingo can vary between 70% and 85%. It’s essential to perform a thorough check of online bingo games to find those with higher RTP percentages for potentially more substantial profits.

Calculating Bingo Payouts

Online bingo payouts depend on several segments beyond the RTP factor. They involve factors like the minimum guaranteed jackpot, the number of purchased tickets, the total number of prizes, and the presence of progressive jackpots.

· Minimum Guaranteed Jackpot: In games with a minimum guaranteed jackpot, players stand a chance to win at least the guaranteed amount. The actual size of the guaranteed jackpot can vary based on the bingo ticket’s cost.

· Number of Purchased Tickets: In most online bingo games, a higher number of purchased tickets translates to larger overall payouts.

· Number of Bingo Prizes: Players can win numerous smaller prizes alongside the main prize. For example, a 1tg game has a smaller main prize to accommodate extra winners who reach the “1 to go” status.

· Progressive Jackpot: In games with progressive jackpots, the primary prize pot may be smaller, as a portion of the stake money contributes to the progressive jackpot.

Additional Factors Impacting Payout Size

Apart from the mentioned factors, other elements can affect the size of online bingo payouts:

· Withdrawal Limits: Some online bingo sites impose limits on withdrawal amounts, so it’s essential to review the terms and conditions.

· Wagering Requirements: Wagering requirements, common in online casinos, can also apply to online bingo sites. Players may need to spend a specific amount of winnings to meet these requirements before cashing out.

· Cap on Winnings: If you’re playing with free bingo credits from no-deposit promotions or welcome offers, your winnings might be capped. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of the site to understand potential limitations.

In Conclusion

While enjoying online bingo games, focus on the fun rather than obsessing over specific online bingo payouts. Understanding the factors at play can enhance your gaming experience, allowing you to appreciate the time spent playing without getting fixated on monetary outcomes.

A Beginner’s Guide to Bingo Chat Games

Guide to Bingo Chat Games

Are you a fan of bingo chat games? In today’s article, we have managed to create a simple beginner’s guide that will help you navigate through the most entertaining bingo chat games. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Bingo Chat Games Details

Before you can start playing online bingo chat games, you will have to establish the basics of these games. This approach will give you all of the necessary details before you even start playing the games.

The main thing that you need to know about these bingo chat games is the fact that they are fast-paced, quite entertaining, and sociable. This way players will get a chance to interact and socialize with each of the members in the said bingo room. These bingo chat games make the whole online gaming aspect a more enjoyable experience, as players can engage with one another and play these exciting bingo chat games.

Once you access your favourite online bingo site and you find a room that you want to explore, you can engage in these fun and exciting chat games before, in between, and during the main bingo game that you want to play.

Bingo Chat Games Functions

All you need to do to play a bingo chat game is to open the chat window in the bingo room that you are in.

Within the chat window, you will notice a Chat Moderator, often marked as CM. The role of each Chat Moderator is to announce in advance when a new game will start, as well as address all of the important game rules before you start playing the games. Within the chat window, players will get a chance to find different types of games starting from mini bingo-style games to engaging bingo quizzes.

The majority of the bingo chat games are free of charge. However, there are times where players are required to pay a small amount to play the games. The usual price range for these bingo chat games is rather minimal and starts from 5p up to £1. The required fee is not that bad because players have the chance to win exciting prizes and bingo bonuses.

Different Types of Bingo Chat Games You Need to Know

There are numerous online bingo chat games that you can explore, however, these games differ from site to site.

Here, you will read all about the Roomie/Team Games, Trivia Games, Number Games, and Themed Games.

• The Roomie/Team Games: This is where you meet other players. This is the section of chat games where you will have to team up with other players and become roomies.

If you decide to explore this game category, then you have to know that if one player in your team wins, everyone will receive a prize. In addition to all of this, there are a couple of variations that spice up these games. There is a chance where one player wins and the rest of the members listed above and below the player are also winners. Another interesting variation is when one player wins, and all of the players whose names start with the first letter of the winner will also receive a winning prize.

• The Trivia Games: If you are a quiz fan, then this is the perfect type of bingo chat game for you. The trivia bingo chat games are mini-quizzes that are hosted by the CM. The rules of this type are standard. The CM is the one that is asking the questions and players will have to provide the correct answer. The first one that will shoot the correct answer will win.

All of the questions that are part of the trivia bingo chat games cover general knowledge, including popular TV shows, music, films, pop culture, trending news, and so much more. However, there is a catch when it comes to playing these trivia chat games. Players have to be quite fast when providing their answers so that they can rank in the first place and win prizes.

• Number Games: This type of chat game is based on traditional bingo games. Most of these chat games revolve around guessing games where a player is required to guess which bingo ball will be called first or last within the bingo game. There is a Mirror, Mirror segment where players have to keep an eye out for any of the mirroring numbers within the bingo game.

• Themed Games: These bingo chat games come in a variety of exciting themes. There are seasonal concepts like holidays and current events, as well as more specific themes that are inspired by popular films, TV shows, sports, and so much more.

The majority of these themed games come in the form of questions and quizzes where players can show off their knowledge and gain the opportunity to win prizes.

The Final Thoughts

When it comes to exploring the world of online bingo chat games, make sure that you cover all of the points in the beginner’s guide so that you can completely enjoy these chat games and win some of the most exciting prizes.

How to Recover from a Losing Steak Playing Online Bingo?

Just like with any other game of chance, when luck is not on your side when playing online bingo, you have to take a step back and reconsider your options. Naturally, as an online bingo player, you are aware that you won’t always be winning; sometimes you’ll experience a losing streak.

In times like that, you would need to recollect yourself and make a plan on how to stick to your budget and still recover from the losses. While at it, you would need to remember that to overcome a losing streak, you would still need to abide by the responsible gambling rules, if you want to get back on your feet in the most painless way possible.

In this article, we’ve tried to select a few tips you could use to get back in the game and have luck on your side once again. Therefore, just follow them, and soon you’ll be on the right track.

Stick to Your Budget

No matter how long does the losing streak lasts, never ever alter your bingo budget. Overspending while chasing losses would be the most unreasonable thing you could do. If, when you started playing bingo, with the responsible gambling tools you’ve set a certain bingo budget, don’t go and try to change it, as you would be at a greater risk of losing even more and not gambling responsibly.

Even if you tried to alter your bingo budget, the rules are that you’d need to wait 24 hours for the operator to increase your limit. So thankfully, this responsible gambling tool would allow you to think and help you stop chasing a win and risk losing more than you can afford.

Time to Cool Off

Luck cannot always be on your side, that’s a fact. Sometimes, you’re going to find yourself in a situation that no matter how long you’re playing, you cannot get a winning ticket. And that’s your cue to take a break.

Whether you’d go out for a walk, get yourself some coffee or watch your favorite TV show, just take a breather. You will see that after the storm calms, the sun will rise again. And that’s when you can try returning to your game. In the meantime, if you don’t wish to get out of your element completely, why not try social bingo games? You can download an app to play them or you can play them on Facebook, as they are all over the place. When you feel ready, you can go back to the real money play.

Move On from the Losses

Now that you’ve recollected yourself, it’s time to do the math. You might have lost a lot more than you intended, but now is not the time for regrets. After all, bingo is a game of luck. So, resume from where you left, and forget about the losses.

It’s a new beginning. You should be satisfied playing with what you have left of your budget. So it’s time for the next step: strategizing your future play.

The Best Way to Get Back in the Game? Lower Your Stakes!

Strategizing your future play would mean making a plan on how to continue playing with the budget you have left. If you’ve lost, say £50 playing bingo games with tickets that cost £1, and you have £50 left to play with, the best plan would be to lower your stakes. If you want to stay in the game longer and play bingo without making any budget changes, you would definitely need to look for games with lower ticket prices. Or play free bingo, where the entry is free and you still have a shot at winning a prize.

Now, there’s another thing you could do. If you aren’t ready to give up on the bingo games with higher ticket prices, as the prizes are bigger in these games, then buy fewer tickets. But while at it, make sure you join a bingo room with the fewest players actively participating. That way your chances of winning with one or two tickets would be improved.

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Odds

You now have the advice you need to move forward and forget about your losses. However, the following list of tips summarizes everything you’ve read so far and would be the perfect go-to guide whenever you feel that you need help getting back in the game after a losing streak. Whenever that happens, do the following:

• Take a break to forget about your losses – Chasing losses would be the worst thing you can do, so when on a losing streak, make sure you take a break from bingo. Do what you have to do, but do not continue playing until you’ve completely cooled off.

• Stick to your budget and manage your stakes – Remember that spending over your budget would be irresponsible gambling. Therefore, either take part in bingo games with lower ticket prices or buy fewer tickets for the bingo rooms you love, but never overstep your limits.

• Join rooms with fewer players, at quiet hours – Look for bingo rooms with the least number of players active, preferably at times when others are still sleeping or at work, say from 7 pm to 12 pm. Your chances of winning would be greatly improved this way.

Keep in mind, that whenever in doubt, you always have free bingo games to try to maintain your budget for a while, until you’re ready to get back into real money play. No matter what you do to keep a cool head, don’t forget to play within the responsible gambling rules and stick to your budget. Luck will smile at you again, don’t worry!

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How To Win A Bingo Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Bingo Jackpot

There are many bingo sites with progressive bingo jackpots on offer. But one can’t help but wonder what types of games offer progressive jackpots? Usually, when progressive jackpots are attached it’s to a slot game, and sometimes even Live Casino games. But are there really bingo games that offer them?

We know that fixed and guaranteed jackpot pots exist in bingo games. They usually offer a certain prize for those players that will get the full house. But how are progressive jackpots triggered? Stay with us, as we’ll guide you through the topic.

Our accredited recommended bingo sites that offer progressive jackpot games.

What Are Progressive Bingo Jackpots?

Contrary to fixed and guaranteed bingo jackpots which come with a pre-set jackpot prize, the prize in progressive bingo jackpots continues increasing. The idea behind these jackpots is to attract as many players as possible. When you see a prize that keeps on growing as you’re playing the game, you’re immediately attracted to it, you want to win it.

The thing with progressives is that they are usually funded by the operators themselves, or the bingo network that offers the game. They can afford to put a significant amount of money in the pot, but the rest is all up to players.

With each ticket purchased, you contribute to the prize pool. The operator or bingo network takes a percentage of the ticket price and puts it in the pot. That’s why the more players are purchasing tickets and joining the game the more the pot increases. You will notice that when you joined a progressive bingo game, the jackpot started with, say £100, but in the end, it increased to £200. This means that many players have joined the game and purchased their tickets that day, and have contributed to the prize pool.

What Types of Progressive Bingo Jackpots Exist?

Now, we’ve explained that players and the tickets they buy contribute to the jackpot. But, are all progressive jackpots equal? Are they all connected to one game? Not really. In fact, there are three main categories of progressive jackpots you may come across:

Networked/Wide-Area Jackpots – These are the most attractive jackpots out there. As implied by their name, these are the jackpots that are linked across many sites, powered by the same bingo network. Since hundreds of players are participating in the contribution, the pot in these networked jackpots can increase to hundreds, thousands, or even then thousands of pounds!

Local Jackpots – These are smaller ones compared to the networked jackpots, and tied to several rooms or games at a particular site. The prize depends on the tickets sold across the games or rooms that are tied to the jackpot.

Standalone Jackpots – These are the jackpots that give the smallest prize, compared to the networked and local jackpots. That’s because they only stand for one game at one particular site. Therefore, the tickets sold on that game at that site are the only ones that contribute to its prize pool.

How to Win a Progressive Bingo Jackpot Prize?

If you’ve ever played slots, you know that to trigger the jackpot prize, you would have to either land a specific winning combo or trigger it at random. But how are progressive bingo jackpots awarded?

Well, similarly, you would need to complete a pattern within a fixed number of calls, or get a full house to win the jackpot prize. Since different types of bingo games exist, the 90-ball and 75-ball being the most popular ones, the rules in these games would differ.

In 90-ball progressive bingo jackpot games, for example, you would probably need to get the full house in, say, 35 to 40 calls. In comparison, in 75-ball games, you would probably need 30 to 35 calls to hit the jackpot prize.

Similar to slots, there is no one specific rule to follow. Each provider and operator may set their own criteria for you to win the jackpot. Therefore, before you join a progressive bingo game or room, make sure you get familiar with those criteria, to know whether you stand a chance to hit the much-wanted prize.

Lastly, you should know that you may not be able to keep the entire prize by yourself. If you’ve played community jackpot bingo, you will get only the percentage of the prize relative to the number of tickets you’ve bought. And, remember that once the jackpot is won, the prize will reset, meaning it will start reseeding to a pre-set amount, only to start increasing once again.

How to Play Slingo Bingo

How to play slingo

A Guide on How to Play Slingo

Everyone knows about bingo, but have you heard of Slingo? It combines many elements of slot and bingo gameplay into one weird and wonderful concoction.

While the history behind slots and bingo games is extensive, Slingo’s story is short and sweet. It is the brainchild of New Jersey real estate developer Sal Falciglia, who invented it in 1994. In 2013, RealNetworks acquired its rights, and two years later, ownership again changed hands as current rights holder London-based Gaming Realms purchased them.

In short, think of Slingo as a mix between a five-reel, five-row slot, and a 75-ball bingo game. It features a 5×5 bingo-card-looking grid, with a five-reel row underneath it that displays numbers and special symbols. The goal is to fill the whole grid by matching its symbols with those that appear on the five-reel row.

How Slingo Differs From Bingo or Slots

As mentioned, Slingo mixes aspects of slot games and bingo into something that players of both can recognize. However, it differs from each one in the following ways:

• Slingo can be both a multiplayer and a single-player game.

• The rudimentary slots out there are three-reel, three-row games. You know the type, the ones with fruit tokens. Here, you only get treated to one row with five reel positions. So, the number of symbols per spin that this game shows is drastically smaller than what you get on your typical slot.

• Unlike traditional bingo games, the reel here produces symbols as well as numbers. Some of these have features similar to popular slot tokens, such as Wilds. Meaning they may substitute other symbols or have different functions.

How to Play Slingo

Let us be clear, Slingo is one of the simplest forms of internet gambling ever. You do not have to learn any strategies, and you cannot massively influence its gameplay. It is a chance-based game that mainly requires luck and you paying attention.

Every round consists of a pre-determined number of spins. The figure may vary depending on your chosen operator, but it is usually in the range of ten to twenty. We already talked about the objective of this game. To match symbols that appear on the bottom five-reel row with those on your card. Each time you do this, you earn points.

Note that there will usually be a time limit between spins, where you have a deadline to daub symbols on your card. Points may get awarded for this action. Clearing a line on your card will get you a Slingo, and you win more points from it than hitting random numbers spread all over the 5×5 grid.

Landing specialty symbols such as coins or different types of jokers can also earn you points. Like when playing slots, you can win free spins at Slingo, and there are multipliers in play.
In single-player mode, you aim to beat a pre-defined score provided by the game. When playing against others, the goal is to attain the highest one in your player pool.

Slingo Symbols

To elaborate on the main symbols discussed above, we break them down in the bullet points below:

• Coins provide extra points and may activate additional spins.

• Devils block potential matches on your card and may cut your score in half.

• Jokers let you mark off any number in the same column from the grid above.

• Super-Jokers serve the same function as Jokers, except they let you mark off any symbols from the entire grid.

• Cherubs cancel out Devils.

• Free Spins symbols get you extra reel rotations without having to pay for them.
Different Slingo variations will have their extra symbols and may be missing some of these.

Thus, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the game’s instructions before playing.

How Many Slingo Variations Are Out There?

The answer is many. Since Gaming Realms acquired Slingo, it has grown in popularity, particularly in the UK, where people are bingo-crazy. Gaming Realms has developed twelve variations known as Slingo Originals. Nevertheless, you can find many copycat games and social platform variations.

Currently, the most popular Slingo variants are Extreme, XXXtreme, Rainbow Riches, Monopoly, and Slingo Adventure. However, TV game show-themed ones are also gaining traction. Love Island, Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor, and Deal or No Deal Slingo are also massive hits.

Tips on How to Win at Slingo

Luck is the predominant factor that decides if you will be a winner or loser in your Slingo gambling session. That said, there are a few things that you can do that will slightly boost your chances of attaining a decent score at this game.

Remember to save your multipliers. Use them as late in the game as possible. Then, you will be far more likely to complete a line, maximizing your point amount. Also, try to make quality use of power-ups, such as added time to collect points and free spins.

If you are having trouble grasping the rules of this game, do not worry. Most online casinos that offer it have a demo-play option that will let you experience some Slingo action with no money on the line!

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Tips & Tricks On How to Stretch Your Bingo Budget

Stretch your Bingo Budget

Every online bingo player needs to set a bingo budget. Let’s be honest, money doesn’t grow on trees, and no matter how much money you have, you cannot spend it all on bingo games. That’s why, setting a bingo budget can do no harm, only good.

Assuming you’ve set your own bingo budget for this month, the next doubt would be how to manage it to stay longer in the game. That’s where we come in. We’ve made a list of tips and tricks on how to manage your money properly in order to play your favorite bingo games longer.

Although the official way to manage your bingo budget would be using the Responsible Gambling tools, present on each UK-licensed bingo site, there are other ways to do it. Setting limits as to how much you can wager per game, day, week or month, can only help you avoid spending more than you have. But we’ll suggest other ways for you to have control over your spending, play longer, and have fun while doing it.

Look for Chat Games

Exploring bingo sites to join, you have probably noticed that many of them offer chat games. While the instant thought would be that these sites are all into boosting the bingo community, there’s more to them. Sure, the community element is there, but chat games are all about is making your bingo experience more fun and more rewarding.

In fact, most chat games feature quizzes. These quizzes are available to players throughout the entire day and give decent bonus prizes to the winners. The rules on who the winner is may differ from site to site, but you can read them on the Promo page at your bingo site. Nevertheless, any bonus money you win is a plus for your budget.

Free Bingo Games – The Best for the Bingo Budget

Not all bingo sites offer free bingo but compared to the past when they were completely banned, you have the chance to experience the thrill they offer. Finding a site with free bingo games would be like shopping, but looking for gift bags or free samples. Because essentially, with free bingo games, you get a free entry to a game with prizes.

The reward for the winner of these free bingo games is usually in the form of bonus money. Once you win it, you can use it to purchase tickets for other bingo games, games with bigger prize pools. And that will most certainly be awesome for your budget.

Penny Bingo Games – You Cannot Avoid Them

Judging by their name, you would probably conclude that penny bingo games will not deliver the most incredible prizes, and you’d be right. But when it comes to managing a bingo budget, they can be quite handy.

Penny bingo games are perfect if you wish to play longer. Tickets costing just a penny, make it so you can buy much more of them than you can with regular bingo games. The chances of winning big are not high, but the chances to be the one that has purchased the most tickets and stands to win the best possible prize are. Remember that the players that join penny bingo games are probably just like you, on a strict budget. Therefore, the chances for them to max out on the tickets and you to be able to continue playing are on your side.

Watch Out on Those Fixed/Guaranteed Jackpot Games

Believe it or not, even on a budget, you can still participate in jackpot bingo games and win a prize. Contrary to penny bingo games, you can afford to play these games and be in to win a pretty awesome prize. There are such jackpot bingo games with low ticket prices which you can participate in.

The thing is, not that many jackpot bingo games are available, so you’ll have to dig deep to find them. But once you do, hold onto them. These are the games that will not only help you out with your budget but can even deliver some decent prizes.

The Obvious One – Bingo Bonuses

Naturally, the best way to stay on budget is not to spend money at all. If lucky enough, you may find a site that offers a No Deposit Bingo Bonus. This would be a bonus for which you won’t need to deposit money, but for which you’ll get something extra to kick-start your bingo experience.

We’re talking about credits or bonus money, again. The credit can be used for other games later when you make a deposit, and therefore, you’ll be able to withdraw any winnings you make from it.

While on bonuses, claiming a Deposit Bonus would be a nice stretch for your bingo budget as well. Say you deposit £20 at the site and you get a 100% Match. This will double your budget. But, keep in mind that to withdraw any winnings later, you would have to play through the wagering requirements. While that would mean depositing more to meet the requirements, it would also mean buying some time while on the budget to play longer!

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The Chat Etiquette of Online Bingo

Online bingo is one of the most sociable games available on the internet today. You become part of a friendly community, a community of bingo players, and you get the chance to chat with the host and other players. The chat rooms are included for your convenience, to provide you with an experience as closest to the one in real land-based bingo halls as possible.

But, since all of this is at stakes, you need to behave properly when playing online bingo and communicating with others in the chat rooms, just like you would in a bingo hall. There is a set of social rules that you must abide by in order to make both yours and the experience of others involved enjoyable and problem-free. In this article, we will help you understand the bingo etiquette and we’ll guide you through the rules one by one so that nothing is unclear to you.

Bingo Etiquette – What to Know About It?

Following the right bingo etiquette will not only help you get a more enjoyable bingo experience but will also help you avoid getting banned from the chat room or the bingo site altogether. You may believe that behaving properly is not a big deal, but actually, it is. Unwanted behavior is punishable, and that’s why for your own good and the good of other players, make sure you abide by the following rules.

• Welcome new players – As introduced, by playing online bingo, you’re entering a community. So when new players join the chat room, make sure they feel welcome, and they feel at home. Be nice to these players, and make them feel more comfortable around you, and not intimidated by you. They’ll greatly appreciate your efforts, and who knows? Maybe they’ll become your new lifelong bingo buddies.

• Be nice in general – You should not only be nice to new players but to everyone else in the chat room, especially the host. Being nice is a value that shows that you have good intentions, that all you’re here to do is to have fun and enjoy your favorite game. Have respect for the hosts, as their job is to ensure everyone is having a blast and the game has a seamless flow. Do not interrupt the hosts and be polite whenever you need to speak with them. Never use sexist or racist comments, as they would immediately get you banned from the site.

• Respect other players’ privacy – Anonymity is a known benefit you get when you choose to play online bingo. Therefore, do not ask other players for any personal information if they’re not willing to share it. Do not pressure anyone and do not offer your own real name or email address if not asked for. Privacy is of the utmost importance when in a chat room, remember that.

• Do not use usernames that could in any way be inappropriate – A username that could seem fun or special to you may seem offensive to other players. Players from all kinds of different cultures, countries and religions are visiting chat rooms, and what’s considered a joke or a fun thing to say in one could be highly inappropriate in another culture, country, or religion. Keep that in mind.

• Never use capital letters to communicate in the chat room – First of all, when you’re using capital letters on the internet, it feels like you’re shouting, you’re being upset with something and you’re being rude. Secondly, usually, the host uses capital letters to address players and emphasize the fact that he or she is typing. Do not let others be confused with your writing, and use capital letters only if asked for by the host as part of the game.

• Do not bother players with unnecessary comments – Rude comments, asking for loans, bonuses or gifts is a big no-no when it comes to bingo chat rooms. You should not annoy other players when you’re out of money and you wish to continue playing. In this case, you better leave the room with dignity than put yourself at risk of getting expelled from the chat room or the site, for good.

What Happens When These Rules Are Broken?

If you’re the one that has broken the rules, two things can happen. If you did it unintentionally, you offended someone, or forgot to disable the caps lock, it would suffice to apologize for your action publicly, in the chat room. But, if you did it intentionally and the breach was pretty serious, if you used a racist comment or a swear word, you could be banned from the chat by the chat moderators, or even from the bingo site itself.

If someone else was being disrespectful of the rules, avoid taking it up with them directly. First, try reporting the issue to the chat moderator, and if the issue is left unresolved, contact the Customer Support service. Whichever the case, you would gracefully behave and leave it up to the authorized people to resolve the issue.

Remember, the whole online bingo experience depends on the bingo etiquette. The etiquette is there to help you have a fun and enjoyable time, so whenever there’s a breach, you better report it and continue playing with your bingo buddies in peace.

How To Play 30 Ball Bingo

30 Ball Bingo

If you’re an avid online bingo player, you must have already heard of 30 ball bingo. It’s a condensed version of the 2 most popular variants 75 and 90 ball bingo. While they are the most popular two variants ever, the former is a newer variant that was introduced in order to spice things up and attract a new audience, an audience who enjoys action and fast-moving gameplay.

There are no accredited websites that offer 30 Ball Bingo. See our top online bingo sites to play other variants.

Bingo RoomDeposit BonusesSign Up BonusPlay
bingo bonusesCyberBingo
Deposit $25 Play With $150$20 + 60 Spins
Amigo bingoAmigo Bingo
Spend $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins
Australian Bingo Sites Bingo Billy
Deposit $20 Play With $120$60
Bingo Cabin CashCabinSpend $10 Play With $40$0
Online Bingo AustraliaBingo Australia
Deposit $20 Play With $140$50 + 50 Spins
 BGO websiteLeo Vegas100% & Free Spins$0
BingoSpirit BingoLiner
100% up to $100$0

30 ball bingo is exactly what its name implies: a bingo variant where you get a ticket to fill with numbers from 1 to 30. It differs from the older variants in its speed and easiness to be played. Now, if you want to learn all about it, its rules, and how to play it, continue reading our overview.

Rules of 30 Ball Bingo

The first thing we need to explain before you even attempt to start playing this online bingo variant is that it is a condensed version of your already familiar variants. What does that mean? It means that its ticket consists of a condensed number of rows, columns, and number choices for you to select. So, you’ll get 3 rows with 3 columns, and only 9 numbers to choose from. The first column contains the numbers from 1 to 10, the second 11 to 20, and the third 21 to 30.

As far as the rules go, it is based on the same principles as 75 and 90 ball bingo, only with fewer number values, an improved chance of winning, and faster gameplay. On that note, this variant is often called speed bingo, since the time between one ball drawn and another is significantly shorter. That’s right, a single game lasts only a few minutes, so you can play several times in the course of half an hour.

How to Play 30 Ball Bingo

The gameplay is quite simple, as is the objective: the first player who completes the pattern of number wins. The pattern of numbers can be chosen manually, so you can play your lucky numbers, or randomly, by clicking on the “Auto-Select” button.

After you have your ticket ready, the ball wheel starts spinning. When the ball is drawn, you can mark the number on your ticket on your own, or have the game mark it for you. Should you fill up your card with winning numbers, the numbers drawn, you get a “full house” and you win. As simple as that.

30 ball bingo game

Why Play 30 Ball Bingo?

The beauty of 30 ball bingo is in its speed, obviously, but that’s not all to it. Sure, due to the fewer number values involved balls are drawn at a faster rate than with 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, but that gives you another benefit: continued excitement and involvement in the action!

Plus, it is perfect for new bingo players as it is so easy to be played. There are no complicated rules that you need to follow in order to master it. But, it is also great for experienced bingo players looking for a refreshing bingo variant to keep their adrenaline pumping. And then, of course, there’s the fact that due to the fewer numbers involved, you also get better chances of winning.

Now, due to all of these benefits, online bingo sites have started offering this incredible variant more often. Previously, it was really hard to find an online bingo site that offered it, but as soon as operators saw players’ interest in it, they started creating all kinds of exciting, themed bingo rooms for players to join, with live chat rooms where they can talk to one another. All things considered, 30 ball bingo can be highly immersive and fun to play, and rewarding, considering the odds are on your side.

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