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How To Pick a Lucky Bingo Username

Finding captivating lucky bingo usernames does not necessarily need to be an annoying process. You can actually enjoy creating a great username that will make you stand out from the crowd. If you need help in finding the best option that would perfectly describe your personality, stick with us.

Your Pets’ Names Will Make a Cute Bingo Username

You have a cat, Missy, and a Bella, and you equally love them. Make sure you mention both their names in your bingo username “MissyBella”.

Pets’ names are practical, as you could never possibly forget them. And let’s face it, usernames can be easily forgotten. So you should use the names of things you hold dear, and that way it would be easier to remember them.

Personalize Your Bingo Username

One thing that surely helps in creating unique usernames is making use of a certain aspect of your personal life, as a hobby, for instance. Let’s say you’re an amateur guitar player. You were born in 1990. You love the color blue. Your cool username can be something like “BluesMagic90”.

This username shows your peers that you were born in 1990 and that you most likely like the blues or the blue color. But it might also show them that you have a passion for music, and if some of them are Santana fans, they’ll see that you share the same interests in music.

Use the KISS Formula for Creating Your Lucky Bingo Username

Keep it Short and Simple is a useful formula when it comes to impressive usernames. For instance, our example username BluesMagic90 could be shortened even more, with you deleting the 90. There’s no need of unnecessary numbers when the BluesMagic is a cool username for itself. No need for adding symbols, letter or numbers that do not mean something to you.

Your Favourite Movie, TV Show, Band Can Help You Out with Username

If you’re stuck with finding an awesome username out of your hobbies, try to come up with something that reflects your favorite movie, TV show or band. For instance, you like Game of Thrones. Your favorite character is Daenerys Targaryen. Your geeky username can be: “Stormborn3”.

This way it is clear that you know your show, that the Mother of Dragons (three dragons more precisely) is your number one character.

Use Wordplay in Your Unique Bingo Usernames

Play with your words. Use the knowledge you have of different languages and cultures. Describe yourself, give a hint of your personality in a creative way. Your bingo usernames would sound intriguing if you make a nice mix of these two things: “FeliceFlorist”.

This way you’re showing off your knowledge in Italian, and you’re telling the world that you’re a florist and you’re happy about it. Maybe someone would share your interest and try to contact you. Great friendships come out of the fun bingo chat rooms.

It’s Playtime, Your Lucky Bingo Usernames Can Rhyme

Your name is Dan and you’re a superheroes freak. What else could you possibly use than the perfect rhyme for your bingo username?

If that one is taken by some other bingo player, you always have Aquaman, Spiderman, Superman, and Ant-Man, right?

Usernames Can Be Hilarious as Well

If you’re chubby and you’re not embarrassed by it, using humor in your bingo usernames will make you more likable in the bingo society. Say, your username is: “AlTheFatPal”.

With this funny username, you’re introducing yourself to the bingo world as Al, the fat guy who wants to be your friend. It is fun, it shows your sense of humor and Al and pal rhyme, so there you go! You’ve managed to use two username techniques!

Bingo Online

How to Choose the Best Place to Play Bingo Online. Choosing the best site to play bingo online requires that you know a number of key things about any prospective option.

People have been playing bingo online since the late 1990s, and in that time, there have been hundreds of different options pop up for players. With more places to play, there is more competition, and that means the cream will definitely rise to the top. The problem is that, with so many choices, it’s also easy to accidentally fall into playing with a shady bingo operation, and that’s exactly what we want to help you to avoid.

Vetting Sites for Playing Bingo Online

Trust is the absolute, number one, most important thing that has to be established before you can choose where to stamp your virtual bingo cards. In our own reviews and in our suggestions for players who are vetting a place to play, we recommend the following criteria for establishing trust:

  1. The jurisdiction of their license to operate
  2. How long they have been active
  3. The parent company of the room and their reputation
  4. The reputation of the software
  5. The history of the room in terms of reliable cash outs

You wouldn’t order from a store online that had a shady reputation because you would be scared that you would lose your money and not get anything in return. That’s exactly why it’s so important to establish trust when deciding where to play bingo online.

A Few Points on Jurisdictions and Vetting

Virtually every single place to enjoy bingo online will either have a license or make a presentation like they have a license to operate. This by itself doesn’t actually mean anything since anyone can lie on the Internet. Instead, the most reputable operations will give you a link, usually in the footer of their website or in their “About Us” section, that will take you directly to the virtual proof of their license. This helps you to avoid sites that simply lie about their licensing, which happens more often than you might think.

How long an online room has been running isn’t as important as how long the parent company has been running and what their reputation is like, so don’t worry too much if that particular establishment for bingo online has only recently started operations. The key is to look one step deeper at who is actually running the show and what kind of history they have, particularly with their other bingo rooms. If the site itself and/or the company behind the scenes has a good history of quick and reliable cash outs, then you’re going to be in good hands.

Along similar lines, it’s pretty easy to figure out if a software company is reputable by a basic Google search, and it comes down to a lot of the same things like looking at who their parent company happens to be. There are really only a handful of top software developers for bingo online, and most reputable rooms are operated using the platform from one of those. Taking a few minutes to vet a place like this before you play will save you a lot of headache.

Rival Powered Slot Sites

Here is our list of the best Rival powered slot sites. Rival gaming is open to USA players and we have reviewed only the very best with all-around solid reputations.

Slot SiteDeposit BonusesSign Up BonusPlay
 RIVAL softwareSlots CapitalDeposit $20 and get 277% Bonus$0.00
 Rival gamingSlots MillionDeposit $20 Play With $20 Plus 100 Spins$0.00
rival powered slot sitesSlots.lvSpend $10 Play With $40$0.00

This software developer is new to the casino world and was created in 2006. The creative graphic designers at Rival sure know what players are looking for and they took their time in creating a great product.

While still relatively new, Rival Gaming is quickly becoming one of the best and most reliable gambling software available today. In fact, Rival Gaming is among the leaders not only in terms of software, but also in security and ease of play.

Rival Gaming Welcomes The islot

Rival Gaming is also known for their innovative, sophisticated and rule breaking software. In fact, Rival software made an almost immediate impact on the world of online gaming. This is because the company didn’t focus on the games that were currently on the market, but blazed their own trail with an innovative take on online slots. Rival decided to concentrate on the slot market portion of online in which to make the biggest impact. As a result, Rival developed iSlots. These games are better suited to each individual player while remaining entertaining and easy to use at the same time. Rival slots were a game changer in that the game begins to show video clips as the player gets deeper and deeper into the game. The videos then introduce a story line which is unique to that one particular slot machine with its own world and cast of characters.

All of the games offered by Rival Gaming are among the best. This is because Rival does not allow for browser based games. As a result, players can rest assured that they are playing the best Rival games free available on the internet. Some of the most popular slot machines produced by Rival include Big Cash Win, Love and Money, Gold Rush and As the Reel Turns 1 and 2.

Rival Gaming also provides the utmost in safety to its customers including individual gamers and complete online casinos. Rival only uses the best in security encryption as well as constantly updated information. This ensures that the entire network is secure at all times and players can now that their information is safe and secure.

USA Accepting Rival Powered Software

Rival software is also different as it makes its software available to players from the United States. This move also makes the company extremely profitable even though it has only been in business since 2006. This is because Rival software is able to tap into a huge market of gamblers that is generally off limits to other software developers.

If you are looking for the latest in software technology and innovative games, then you must try those which are available from Rival and you won’t be disappointed.

Android Bingo Sites

Android bingo sites

Bingo sites with Android-based apps give you a chance to play mobile bingo on a variety of devices.

Something we see in today’s mobile bingo world is that there are different apps for different types of devices. What’s so interesting about Android as a mobile operating system is that it can be used in an extremely wide range of applications from eReaders to smartphones. There are even home appliances like refrigerators that are WiFi-enabled that use versions of Android. Because of this, if you want to play bingo on your Android-powered device, you’ll be dealing with an extremely flexible platform.

Top 5 Android Apps Google Play Store

Bingo Blitz- This apps is cross-compatible with Facebook and can be used in over 100 bingo rooms. This app allows you to play in a real-time multiplayer.

Bingo By IGG- This app is a hybrid game that features both bingo and slots. It’s quite popular at the Google Play Store and is much like Bingo Blitz. You do need to play games with gems though and you only get so many gems per day. Don’t let this scare you off as it’s still a great option.

Bingo Crush- This game allows you to play in 20 rooms and a dozen collectible items for you to discover. With this app, you will be able to play with players from all over the world.

BINGO!- This app is a basic bingo game that you can play for free. There are 20 rooms available to play in and this app offers online multiplayer modes. A bonus is; you are able to play offline if needed.

Bingo Gem Rush- This game is quite different and instead of waiting for the balls to be called and then marking them off, you race to the finish to see if you can beat the other players. This app does not restrict the number of games you can play, which is refreshing.

The Flexibility of Android Bingo Rooms

Mobile itself is very flexible in that you can take your devices anywhere you want, and using a device powered by Android just extends that flexibility. Whether you’re waiting in line at the store or sitting in a lobby waiting on an appointment, you can play mobile bingo with many different Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, electronic readers and others. Because you aren’t tied to one particular brand of phone, you can use devices from several different companies as well, including LG, Samsung, etc. This gives the players even more power to choose how they get in on the bingo action.

Screen Size Concerns

Some players have shown concern over the fact that Android bingo devices can have many different screen sizes. However, the sites themselves have prepared for the lack of standardized screen sizes by developing bingo apps that work on any size screen. They scale appropriately without shrinking the controls to be too small, and everything always looks good on both smartphones and tablet-sized devices. This ensures that the player always has a good experience since the visual quality of the bingo cards and controls is an extremely important part of the overall playing experience.

The Different Styles of Android Mobile Bingo

There are four main styles of bingo played on sites that allow the use of Android devices. While they’re named after the number of balls used (30-ball, 75-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball), the real thing that matters for mobile players is the size of the cards, which varies wildly between the three types.

Luckily for Android mobile bingo fans, the apps created in this operating system are able to scale and zoom the card for all four major types of bingo appropriately without making it difficult to see what you’re doing or which numbers are on the cards. In terms of flexibility, this adds yet another layer to the mix with even more ways to make sure different fans of different games are able to enjoy themselves without hardware limitations on these devices.

Auto-Complete Features for Mobile Android Bingo Games

Even though there are all of these hardware features that make it easy to play these games, almost every Android bingo app out there has an auto-complete option that will fill in the numbers that are called for you so that you don’t miss any. It’s easy to be distracted for just a moment from your mobile device, which would normally mean you could miss out on a number. With this feature, however, that’s not a concern.

Facebook Contest

Welcome to Facebook contest and giveaway terms and conditions page.

We would like to thank everyone for the trust and loyalty you all have placed in us throughout this time by giving away some special prizes to pamper you during this month!!
All you have to do is Like our Facebook Fan page and stay alert to our Giveaway Friday posts to win our ongoing weekly and monthly prizes.

These prizes include: Amazon gifts cards, Bingo T-Shirts, I love bingo keychains, throw pillows etc. Also, we giveaway weekly free no deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements attached; USA accepting websites. Prize is non-transferable. No substitution or cash equivalent of prizes is permitted.

Every Friday we will post different dynamics for you, which will include puzzles, riddles and questions about all the different bingo games we offer in our website, the bases for each contest will be detailed in each post.

You need to follow and complete as instructions require in order to be eligible.
All eligible entries received during the Submission Period will gathered into a database at the end time of the contest and a winner will be chosen at random.

The winners will be announced on or about every Monday at noon. Announcement and instructions for prize will be sent to the Facebook account supplied on the potential prize winner’s entry comment.

iPhone Bingo Sites – Apple Devices

iPhone bingoThe iPhone is the most popular type of smartphone in the world, and they’re great for playing mobile bingo online.

The numbers spell out the simple fact that the iPhone is the single most popular smartphone in the world. It’s not really surprising that a ton of people want to play at mobile bingo sites using this particular series of devices. As a result, iPhone and iPad bingo apps are designed in a way to take special advantage of the features and form factors of this particular set of mobile phones for online bingo. Players who are already familiar with their Apple mobile devices will be very happy with the overall experience because of this.

Touchscreen Play With iPhone and iPad Bingo

The touchscreen on the iPhone and iPad is one of the most important parts of the hardware. It’s not just because that’s how you interact with the phone, however. Instead, it has to do with all of the built-in gestures that will be intuitive for any user of this line of devices. It also includes the accuracy and precision that you get when interacting with the screen itself. This allows you to do things like swipe through different rooms when you’re in the lobby area, swipe through different cards if you’re in the middle of a game, etc.

iPhone bingo sites, no matter if they use native apps or web-based applications, will always have some higher level of usage of the built-in gestures than what you’ll see from any other type of phone. The reason for this is that all iPhones and iPads use the same iOS operating system, and that means Apple was able to anticipate the exact interaction between the hardware and software. This is different than other operating systems that can be used in the general sense across a wider range of devices. You can feel the difference in how you choose your games, navigate the iPhone bingo room lobby and play along.

What Sets Native Apps for iPhone and iPad Bingo Sites Apart

If you are playing with a room that uses a special iPhone bingo app that’s native to that particular OS and not just based on a web interface, then you’re going to get a number of advantages over other ways of playing. The web app versions are still good, but when you have a native app, you’ll get better graphics since they are, for the most part, saved on your phone. This means they won’t have to compress or minimize them as much to save your connection speed and loading times.

Moreover, you’ll get faster response times and a more crisp presentation overall. Along with this comes a higher level of responsiveness, which is something that makes 30-ball iPhone bingo speed games particularly fun. If you play multiple cards with 90-ball, 75-ball or even the less popular 80-ball bingo, then you’ll find that you’re more easily able to keep up with your numbers without missing calls on apps like this as well. Overall, they’re a great way to play mobile bingo because of all of these features.