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New Spooky Halloween Monsters Bingo Game

MGA Games, one of the leading casino games provider, has your back this Halloween. Celebrate your favorite holiday with its brand new Halloween bingo game, Monsters Bingo. The game not only comes with a spooky theme just in time for the holiday, but it also comes with the developer’s Triple Vista technology. On top of that, it comes with four mini-games to add more fun to your bingo experience. See what it is all about!

A New Monsters Bingo Game Arrives by MGA Games

Monsters Bingo is a new bingo game where you can play on four cards alongside creepy Halloween-inspired characters. MGA Games has released the game a few days ago, just in time for the holiday. Therefore, you’ll get an excellent opportunity to give yourself a scare this weekend, playing a Halloween-themed bingo game. But, the best part is that you’ll also get access to four mini-games to play simultaneously with bingo, in the form of Bonus Games.

The four cards have 15 prize patterns, each 3×5 in size. 30 bingo balls are drawn from the 60-ball drum and 13 extra balls alongside the Wild ball for an added cost. Just click on the Extra button to get access to extras.

The beauty of it is that not only will you play bingo, but you’ll have fun playing the four Bonus Games. To activate any of the four Bonus Games, you must get a certain pattern on a bingo card. Therefore, make sure you get that pattern for the real fun to begin!

The Bonus Games Explained

The 1st Bonus Game gives you the chance to win a cash prize, a Wild card, or End the Bonus.

You’ll get a card with squares on it, from which you’ll need to select your square to discover your prize.

The 2nd Bonus Game takes you to a haunted house. Each window hides an arrow, which can take you to the next row, or a prize. Once you win your prize, this bonus game ends.

In the 3rd Bonus Game, you meet the monsters. They are in race cars. In each round, one of the monsters, chosen at random, moves a random number of positions. You win the value the winner’s car has reached.

And finally, in the 4th Bonus Game, you’ll also see four characters on the screen. There will be a spinner, and you’ll need to press Play in order to stop the spinner and win the prize, depending on where it landed.

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Launch of Jackpotfortune

Press release August 8, 2018.
J. Fortune Entertainment LTD launches new casino site with bingo to follow shortly.
The player experience at will be unparalleled anywhere else on the web as they have spent over 3 years creating their own Proprietary bingo product. Managing director Richard Grant quotes “We feel there is very little difference between 90% of the sites out there and the industry was screaming for something new and innovative. This is what propelled us to take the time and money to create our own platform and create something different in terms of design, promotions and special features.”
When playing bingo for real money players will earn tokens that can be exchanged for entry into the Mega Bonus Round and The lucky winners will win a large jackpot.
There are also slots and casino games available from the software provider Betsoft.
What sets the team at apart is that they will be donating a certain percentage to various registered charities that include animals and children.
The company is based out of Sliema, Malta and promises to differentiate itself in the entertainment industry with a caring attitude, professionalism and operate with the utmost integrity.
More information on, can be found by contacting the Managing Director Richard Grant at [email protected]

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Halloween Slots Fest SouthBeach Bingo

Some big Halloween SouthBeach Bingo promotions are running that will help you to end the month of October on a strong note and start strong in November.

A few big SouthBeach Bingo promotions are going to let you end October with a lot of momentum that will help to carry you through the rest of 2015. It starts with the Force of Darkness promotion. For every $1 that you wager on Diablo 13, you’ll earn a point from October 26 through October 30. The top ten players in this event will be automatically entered into the Halloween Slots Fest with a big prize pool and a $4,000 top prize.


SouthBeach Bingo Promotion: Halloween Slots Fest

There’s been a weekly slots tournament happening each week during October, and the top 10 players who win in each week will be entered into the final round that happens on October 31. The Diablo 13 portion of the tournament is running right now as mentioned above and you’ll be pooled together from the tournaments for Transylvania, Witches Cauldron and Grave Grabbers. On October 31, the final round will be determined on Graveyard Shift, and tons of money will be paid to people based on their places with $4,000 up for the top prize.

There are a few different ways to enter this final round:


  • Place in the top ten of the Grave Grabbers tournament in Week 1.
  • Get to the top ten of the Witches Cauldron tournament in Week 2.
  • Place in the ten highest spots in the Transylvania event in Week 3.
  • Score in the 10 highest ranks on the Diablo 13 leaderboard before October 30.
  • Deposit $400 or more on October 31 for an instant entry into the finals.


Note that you don’t have to enter any of the weekly events if you join directly through method number five above.

Reverse Coveralls Tournament

For the bingoheads at SouthBeach Bingo, you’ll be able to get your own promotion through November 1 with the Reverse Coveralls tournament that’s running right now. For every six qualifying cards you buy for this event, you’ll get three free, and that’s already a tremendous value. The following events qualify:


  • Play from 7pm – 9pm in the Dollar Room.
  • Play from 9 pm – 10 pm in the Fusion Room.
  • Play from 10 pm – midnight in the Supernova Room.
  • Play from midnight – 1 am in the Taboo Room.
  • Play from 5am – 7 am in the Afterhours Lounge.


If you’re one of the three players to win the most reverse coverall games in these rooms, you’ll pick up $500 for first, $300 for second and $200 for third.

Varied Promotions

SouthBeach Bingo promotions are pretty varied, as you can see from everything they have going on right now. You can earn up to $2,500 in the Force of Darkness tournament that’s running now, pick up a spot in the finals of October’s big tournament event for slots or get in on the action with a great bingo tournament.

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Major Cash Blizzard Winning Streak Hits Bingo Cabin

Players hope to hit a major winning streak every single day. Check out how one lucky player really nailed a long steak at Bingo Cabin.

Winning streaks are something that bingo players know and understand because of the way luck manifests itself in the games. You can go several games without winning on a streak of bad luck, and then a couple of quick wins can bring you up to having a net profit. The streaks can be a little weird, but they show that not all big payouts in online bingo have to be major jackpots. A recent win at Bingo Cabin also shows that they don’t have to happen on bingo games at all.


A Cash Blizzard in October

Cash Blizzard is an online slot offered by Bingo Cabin for players who want to take a break from the bingo games. They offer up a variety of games because many people don’t prefer just a single way to play. A player with the username “justinebrazil” showed that big wins can happen on the slots as well with a series of wins that totaled a whooping $86,400. These payouts happened on October 19 and into the night the morning of October 20.

The Biggest Individual Wins

What’s so crazy about this winning streak is that many of the individual wins could have been news-worthy jackpot stories on their own. Over 17 different prizes were won worth over $1,500 apiece. Here are some examples of the biggest wins:

  • $14,680 on October 19
  • $12,370 on October 20
  • $9,830 on October 19
  • $8,460 on October 20
  • $6,370 on October 20
  • $6,130 on October 19

All in all, this amounted to just under a six-figure win, one of the largest winning streaks ever seen at Bingo Cabin.

About Cash Blizzard

Cash Blizzard is a five-reel video slot with a winter wonderland theme that includes snowmen, penguins, skiers and sledding. It uses a standard five-reel format with three rows, and there are 30 paylines available on each spin. This game is known for having lots of chances for free spins and a balanced paytable that hits frequently. The user justinebrazil found this out in a real personal way by running up their own impressive hit-rate over less than 24 hours of play with one of the hottest winning streaks of the year so far.

Playing at Bingo Cabin

Players at Bingo Cabin find themselves welcomed with a $30 no deposit bonus, and both bingo and slots can be played with it. They have a cool winter cabin theme that’s appropriate for the winter season coming up soon, and this pairs up nicely with the Cash Blizzard online slot that was the game that justinebrazil won so much money from. They offer both 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games along with a good selection of slots and casino titles, and this helps the site to appeal to a wider range of players. Overall, this is a good place to go if you want to settle in and enjoy your favorite games while shooting for your own big winning streak.

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$100 Free With New Bingo Billy’s No Deposit Bonus

New Bingo Billy’s no deposit bonus is worth $100, and it gives you a chance to win real money payouts without risking anything of your own.

One of the problems that many players have with getting started at a new online bingo site is feeling like they aren’t sure if they’re going to have a good experience. New Bingo Billy has a great way to side-step this potential issue by giving players a $100 no deposit bonus that allows them to get in on the action and try out the software before they risk anything of their own. What’s more is that you can win real money prizes with this offer as well.


How the No Deposit Bonus Works

It’s a fairly simple process to get this added to your account. Here’s how you do it in a few quick steps:

  1. Fill out the registration form with completely accurate details.
  2. New Bingo Billy will send you an email confirming your account.
  3. Follow the big red button in your email to redeem your no deposit bonus.
  4. The bonus will be automatically added to your account right away.

While it’s easy to get this bonus, there are a number of terms and conditions that you should be aware of before you get in on the action.

No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

The maximum on the amount of winnings you can cash out with this offer is $100. However, you’ll have to cash out winnings on top of the original $100 that you’re awarded, and you aren’t allowed to have a withdrawal for that original $100 free bonus. Before you can request a cash out, you’ll also need to play through the bonus a total of seven times. This means a total of $700 in wagers on bingo games only. They also allow play on slots with this offer, but the play-through is a higher 15x for that for a total of $1,500. Mixed play between different types of games (bingo and slots) is allowed), and the bonus will stay in your account for up to 30 days.

How to Use This No Deposit Bonus

The best way to use this no deposit bonus is to start out by playing like you normally would at the stakes you normally would to try to break through the play-through requirements that New Billy Bingo has set out. Once you are through those, however, then you have to think a little more strategically about the bonus and what you can cash out.

For example, if you are down to your last $20 of it, then it doesn’t make sense to play $0.10 bingo cards and $0.05 slots if you’re trying to run it up to break the $100 level. Instead, you should risk more of your remaining bonus to try to get up to a level where you can get above $100 again and have something to cash out. In terms of this bonus, one way to think about it is that having $90 is the same as having $5 because they are both worth $0 in real world money, but everything about $100 you can cash out.

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The Halloween Bingo Fest Hits Bingo Hall

Tons of treats and goodies are available for Halloween at the end of October thanks to Bingo Hall’s awesome Halloween Bingo Fest promotion.

The Halloween Bingo Fest is a promotion running during the last day of October at Bingo Hall. It consists of many different parts, so you’re going to have several different ways of building up your account balance and getting a lot of value. It starts with a deposit bonus. If you deposit at least $50, then you’ll get a 600 percent match. Deposits of $250 and up are rewarded with 700 percent, and deposits of $500+ will pick up w hooping 800 percent match. That’s not all that they have going on for this promotion.


Blackout Coverall Games

On October 31 in the Blackout Room, you’ll be able to pick up coverall games with guaranteed prizes worth up to $15,000. What’s really cool about this particular offer is that they will have a wide range of different costs per card so that everyone can get in on the action, and there’s also an added buy 6, get 3 free promotion for those games. This is another way to get a lot of value, and it will be available through 3 am on Sunday morning.

Million Dollar Bingo Party

Beginning at 9 pm Eastern on Halloween night, the Million Dollar Party is going to get started. This could be the biggest event at Bingo Hall so far this year, and here are the details:

  • $10,000 in cash paid every hour.
  • The Scarecrow pattern is used in these games.
  • Pots can reach as much as $100,000 in each game.
  • BBS are completely unlimited.

This is obviously a high-stakes party with a lot to be won, and the big winners in this particular part of the Halloween Bingo Fest at Bingo Hall will likely be celebrated across the industry.

Trick or Treat Chat Game

Going in and out of the various rooms will be a chat moderator who is giving out BBs. You’ll have a trick or treat game where you actually choose between the trick and treat options. Trick will represent the odd numbers, and the even numbers will be represented by the treat. The last ball of a particular bingo game will determine which group of players win. Everyone in that room who picked correctly will win random prizes worth up to 100 BBs. This is just another way to win, and that’s an awesome source of extra value.

The Bingo Hall Difference

With Bingo Hall’s Halloween Bingo Fest, players get to see another great example of how they aren’t playing around when it comes to giving out a ton of value. Everything is about giving players the best possible experience, and boosting their account balances with bonuses worth up to 800 percent, special games with huge guaranteed prizes and the chat trick or treat game are a lot more than you’ll get just about anywhere else. Halloween is coming up soon, so make sure that you don’t miss this massive event..

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Bingo Canada Tournament Awarding Thousands-Bingo News

The big Morning Madness tournament for Bingo Canada is running now with thousands of dollars in prizes up for grabs.

If you’re a fan of fast action, then bingo tournaments are the way to go because they give you two ways to win. First, you can win in the special games that are a part of the event. Second, you can win extra prizes based on your performance in those games. This is exactly how the Morning Madness bingo tournament is set up right now. For two hours each day from September 14 through September 20, players will have a chance to play a number of games with extra prizes added in, and special bonus payouts can be won as well.

How This Bingo Tournament Works

Every morning from 5 am through 7 am Eastern for the days this event is running, players will have a number of special $100 games running in the Afterhours Lounge bingo room. What makes these games special is that winning on a call that’s a multiple of five jacks your prize up to $1,000. This is a 10x multiplier for your payout if you win on a call that’s the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, etc. for the game, and it’s a great way that Bingo Canada is adding value to the games for this event.

Extra Prizes

For the tournament as a whole, they are giving away special bonus prizes for any player that achieves certain milestones. Here is a quick look at the three major categories of extra prizes for the Morning Madness bingo tournament:

  • Pick up a $50 bonus for earning five of the $100 prizes by winning events for this tournament.
  • Win $500 bonus for earning five $1,000 prizes during the entire event.
  • Win an additional $500 cash for picking up five $1,000 prizes on five consecutive days.

These extra chances for bonus payouts add a lot of value to this event.

Free Bingo Cards

As if that wasn’t exciting enough and giving players a ridiculous amount of value, there is also a free bingo cards promotion running as a part of this tournament. For every 12 cards that you buy, an additional 12 cards are going to be given to you free of charge. This is a buy 12 get 12 free offer that’s exclusively for the games in the Afterhours Lounge room between 5 am and 7 am only during this tournament event. This is yet another source of value during the Morning Madness bingo tournament.

About Bingo Canada

Bingo Canada is known for being one of the top sites offering online bingo games in Canada, but they’re popular for players in other countries as well because of their combination of a great game selection and lots of valuable promotions. This tournament event shows that they aren’t playing around when it comes to giving players value, and this is a great opportunity to get in on the action and get paid with bonus prizes, $1,000 special payouts for winning on a fifth call and free cards with the buy 12 get 12 free offer.

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Amazon Voucher Bingo Promotion-Back To School Promotions

A cool Back to School promotion is happening this month at Bingo Hall to give you chances to win Amazon vouchers and more.

September is the perfect time for the Back to School promotion that Bingo Hall has set up for players all month long. They know that this is the month that extra expenses come into play because you have to buy all kinds of new school supplies for your kids or for your own college classes. To help add some value to your bottom line, BingoHall is giving players opportunities to win special bonuses and vouchers for in exchange for playing games that you’d be playing anyway.

Read more on the bonuses of Bingo Hall

How the Back to School Promotion Works

Every single day of the month of September, you have a chance to enter what’s essentially a prize drawing for big bonus opportunities or a virtual Amazon gift card worth $150. This is the perfect prize to help you with back to school savings, and it’s something that’s really making them stand out from the other promotions available in the online bingo world right now.

How to Enter

To enter this promotion, you’ll need to earn a ticket for a particular day’s drawing by making a deposit. The winners for that day’s drawing will be chosen at random from the list of players who qualify, and this will repeat for each day for the rest of the month. There’s no limit to the number of prizes that you can win with this promotion, so you can deposit every single day to get an entry to as many of these drawings as you want.

In short, it’s an excellent opportunity to get rewarded for your normal depositing habits, but just be sure to space your deposits out over multiple days to maximize the number of drawings that you enter and maximize your chances of winning.

A Typical Bingo Promotion

Something that’s really important to point out about the Back to School promotion at Bingo
Hall is that this is a lot different than what you’ll find at most bingo sites these days. The reason it’s so different is twofold. First, you’re getting a prize that you’ll use outside of the world of online bingo instead of just a bonus or free cards. Second, you’re getting a prize that will help you with a real world problem, so it’s a lot more helpful than just getting some extra cards or bonus money.

This promotion is a great example of how Bingo Hall manages to continue to stand out month after month. They do something a lot differently than the competition, and that’s the simple fact that they think about things from the perspective of the players. Instead of force-feeding bingo fans with the same promos over and over again, they mix things up, figure out offers that will really get their users excited and offer deals that make sense in the greater scheme of things. Overall, this big picture thinking and taking into consideration the wants and needs of their players is something that’s led them to a very high level of popularity and trust.

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