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$13,000 Big Bingo Event at BingoSpirit

BingoSpirit $13,000 big bingo event

Take Part in the $13,000 Big Bingo Event at BingoSpirit!
At BingoSpirit, being the premier online bingo site that it is, you will always find many active bingo promotions to participate in, whenever you join. This September, the bingo site has prepared a Big Bingo Event for you to take part in, which will take place towards the end of the month.

There’s still time for you to reserve your spot, so stay with us as we go through all the things you could win and all the fun you could have if you decide to participate!

$13,000 Big Bingo Event at BingoSpirit

Mark your calendar, as the 25th of September is the day when the Big Bingo Event takes place at BingoSpirit. The event of the month is the biggest bingo happening you could be part of, so make sure you do not miss it out. It will take place in the Tourney Room at BingoSpirit, and there will be $13,000 for grabs for the luckiest players. While these are the essential details you should know, there are other things that would interest you, so continue reading.

Now, within the event, there will be several guaranteed cash prizes for grabs, and various games you could play. First, you can start with the warm-up games with $1,000 Guaranteed game pools each, which will play as Top of the Hour games. These games will be available at 7:00 pm, 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm on the day of the event. The main event will start at 10:00 pm. This is the event that rewards $10,000 to the luckiest players.

For the warm-up games, the tickets will cost only $2 per card, while for the main event $5. In total, you can buy 120 cards, for both the warm-up and the main event games. That’s a lot of cards you could place in play, so make sure you get yourself as many as you can to be in advantage.

The Special Offer

As always, BingoSpirit has made sure to make you a special offer that you cannot refuse. You can make use of the Buy 3, Get 2 Free cards for the event, to help you out.

Should you use this special offer, you will be paying for 3 and getting the chance to play with 5 cards to enjoy an exciting evening of bingo. So, do not miss out on this great offer, and just make sure you have an account with BingoSpirit before the event begins. Since you don’t need to opt-in for the promo, all you’ll need to do is to be at BingoSpirit in time for the event and grab a share of the $13,000 prize pool!

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