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$20,000 Epic Bingo Party at CyberBingo

March Bingo Party at CyberBingo

Revel in the Excitement of the $20,000 Epic Bingo Party at CyberBingo

Parties aren’t a rarity in the online Bingo world, but epic parties like this one are rare gems. On March 26 in the Cyber Bingo Tourney Room, players will have a unique chance at a $10,000 grand prize! The ultimate March event will be packed with excitement, offering participants a chance at smaller prizes down the road. CyberBingo offers our players 60 free spins + $20 no deposit bingo bonus.

This isn’t CyberBingo’s first rodeo. The operator is known for its frequent promotions, taking creativity to the next level each month. The $20,000 Epic Bingo Party might be just another excellent addition to its line-up of fun promos, but it’s one no Bingo fan should miss!

A Slow Build-Up

It’s safe to say that players have much to look forward to with this promotion. The $10,000 prize is a life-changing sum, but the site doesn’t just throw players into the thick of it without a warm-up. Before the main event starts, players will have a chance to win a $1,000 prize per Warm-Up game held. There are 10 of these games planned, each one lasting about thirty minutes.

This prequel to the main event will start at 06:00 PM EST. Of course, this gives participants a chance to enjoy these shorter games in anticipation of the big one to come. With nearly five hours of build-up, we’re sure players will be more than ready to jump in head-first and try their shot at the grand prize.

An Extravagant Grand Prize

The total of this event might boast $20,000, but the grand prize players can expect from the Epic Bingo Party is 10,000. Sure, the smaller warm-up games have a combined worth of $10,000 as well, but they’re nothing compared to a Guaranteed Game of the same amount! Whether you’re a long-time Bingo fan or just a casual visitor looking for a bit of fun, a prize like this is a sight to behold. Give the event your best shot and see if it leads you down the road of victory!

As you might have guessed already, the Epic Bingo Party’s Main Event will start at 11:00 PM EST, right after the Warm-Up Games end. By this point, you should have everything you need to get in on the action.

Rules for Participation

Taking part in this event is an easy task. The first thing you’ll need to do is register an account with CyberBingo. Once you’re eligible to deposit, make sure you choose one of the qualifying payment options for the promo. From here, all that’s left is snagging a few cards and waiting patiently for the party to start!

There are two types of cards players can get for the event. These include the cards for Warm-Up Games and ones intended for the Main Event. As expected, the first cost only $2 each, while the latter cost $5 per card. You can participate in the two parts of the event separately or choose to participate in both! Whatever the case may be, keep in mind that the maximum number of cards per player is 120.

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