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LeoVegas Bingo £5K Feel Good Fridays

LeoVegas Promotion

If you’re a player at LeoVegas Bingo, you may have heard about the amazing £5k Fridays Bingo promotion running throughout May. You still have two Fridays left to claim your prize, so do not miss out on your chance.

And if you didn’t participate in the £4k Fridays in April, now is your chance to grab 1,000 pounds more. Make sure you’re there on the 21st and 28th of May, as you could land a prize when you least expect it.

Fridays Are Meant for Playing Bingo at LeoVegas!

Each Friday in the month of May, bingo players at LeoVegas Bingo have the chance to win a cash prize playing a special bingo game with a guaranteed prize pot of £5,000. If you still haven’t gotten the chance to participate in it, two more Fridays are on your way to do that. The unique online bingo game starts at 9:30 pm in LeoVegas’ Lion’s Night Room.

The rules to participate are quite simple. Tickets for the bingo game start at 30p, and you can purchase and participate with 100 tickets per day, hence, per Friday. The total guaranteed prize pot is £5,000, but in case there are multiple winners, it will be split between their winning tickets. But this prize pool also includes a £1,000 community prize which will be shared amongst all the players in the game! Therefore, one way or another, you’ll definitely win a prize, according to the number of tickets you’ve purchased. The best part? Any prize you get will be paid out to you as cash!

As LeoVegas Bingo explains, considering the success of its £4k Fridays promotion that ran throughout April, the operator went 1,000 pounds bigger this month. Therefore, do not waste time thinking about whether or not to participate, because this is a promotion you cannot miss out on!

The game already took place on the 7th and the 14th, but you still have time to participate on the 21st and 28th of May. Just make sure you’re in the Lion’s Night Room exactly at 9:30 pm!

Special Rules that Apply

LeoVegas Bingo’s full Terms and Conditions apply to this promotion. Therefore, make sure you read them in detail before you purchase your tickets.

Now, the best part: the prize breakdown. Those players who get 1 line will grab a £500 prize in cash, those who get 2 lines £1,000, and those who get full house £2,500. There will be an additional £1,000 in cash split between the community, meaning split amongst all the participating players who have bought a ticket for the special game. The community prize share will be paid out according to the number of tickets you’ve purchased. So, for a 30p per ticket, you could purchase up to 100 tickets for the game. Should there be any malfunction or game void, the tickets you’ve purchased will be refunded.

All winnings you get will be paid out in cash, so make sure you reserve your place by purchasing your tickets and be in the Lion’s Night Room at 9:30 pm to grab your prize! Good luck!

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