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A Hit Easter Bingo Event at Dawlish Library

A Hit Easter Bingo Event at Dawlish Library

Bingo is a game for the people which is why bingo halls across the world decide to get together once in a while. In other words, bingo is a social game that has fans come together and enjoy it.

Sometimes they do so just for fun, other times they go for prizes. But sometimes they go to charity. Bingo and charity go hand in hand and this Easter there was such an event at Dawlish Library in Teignbridge. The event was a success as lots of people decided to visit.

Quite the Turnout for a Bingo Event

The thing about libraries is that they’re quiet places most of the time. Dawlish Library is no exception, but just before Easter weekend it wasn’t that quiet and it had more people than usual. That’s because the library was chosen as the place for a bingo charity event.

The library had been having some hard times and needed some help. That’s why it decided to turn to the locals and give them a nice bingo charity event. Local companies and businesses helped out by donating prizes and the locals helped out by going to the event. In other words, the Dawlish Library bingo charity event was a hit.

The people came together to show their support. The money went to the library service and the donators got to have some fun. Bingo fans got to play some bingo and had some fun. Some of them won some prizes and they went home happy knowing that they’d had a good time and helped the community.

The library staff was grateful for such a turnout and for the donations made during the event. Both locals and local companies made sure that the Dawlish Library will continue to provide its services to people.

This event was a success because the library got the necessary funds, and the locals got to play some bingo. It was a fun night for everyone involved and the turnout helped the library. In other words, it was a win-win situation for all parties involved.


The Dawlish Library at Teignbridge decided to organize a bingo charity event for the library service. The event had an Easter theme as it happened to happen before Easter. Locals and companies gave their fair share to the event which was a success. In other words, bingo fans got to have fun and the library got what it needed.

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