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A Stealing Sister Nabs £6,000 to Play Online Bingo

stealing sister

Siblings don’t always make the best allies. They might be a part of your family, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t up to no good. A woman from East Lothian found this out the hard way after her sibling was put in charge of her finances.

The money didn’t get to where it was supposed to and was used to fuel her sister’s online bingo habits. She lost more than £6,000 by playing online bingo, but this reckless behavior caught up with her, and she was caught and reprimanded.

How It All Started

Janet Kerr was diagnosed with brain damage in 2013. This was the reason why she was transported to a care home in Musselburgh, and her sister was given power of attorney over her finances. Agnes Rybak took charge of the finances and was supposed to get the financial affairs in order by paying the necessary sums to the care home.

Things seemed to be going pretty well until 2019 when the East Lothian Council informed the home that the payments never arrived. That’s why the Council decided to put a social worker on the case and get to the bottom of it.

The Bingo Element

The social worker got down to business, and it didn’t take long for the worker to get to the bottom of it. In other words, the trail led to Janet, and the worker followed the trail. It was only a matter of time before the worker got to her care home and realized what was going on. Jane didn’t have the capacity and couldn’t possibly make payments to the Council because of her precarious situation. She must have had someone else taking care of the bills.

In searching for the person responsible, the social worker got to Agnes, Janet’s sister. But instead of a responsible person, he found someone that’s addicted to bingo. Agnes didn’t pay her sister’s bills because she was too busy fueling her bingo games. She used over £6,000 to fund her bingo account. The money was supposed to go to the Council and care home, but it went somewhere else.


As mentioned before, Agnes was caught, and she didn’t waste any time saying how sorry she felt. She called her bingo addiction a stupid mistake, and that kind of mistake cost the Council £6,454.85. The sum is to be returned to the Council.
Additionally, sheriff Matthew Auchincloss places a two-year supervision order to help her deal with her bingo addiction.

Besides the order, Agness had to complete 120 hours of community work. She admitted to stealing the money and how sorry she was for doing so.


There are lots of bingo sites online, and they will come with all sorts of bingo variants. The main lesson to be taken from this news article is to enjoy these bingo sites and games responsibly. Know when to stop because if you don’t, it will cost you.

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