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ABBA-themed Bingo Christmas Festival to be Held in Edinburgh

ABBA themed Bingo Festival

The city of Edinburgh is setting up for a massively popular upcoming event. An ABBA-themed bingo festival, which will come complete with “cheesy singalongs”, snacks and drinks, and of course, a fun game of bingo, in which the players can win all sorts of fantastic prizes.

ABBA-Themed Bingo Set to be a Huge Success

ABBA’s enduring popularity is a testament to the success of the band and the amount of love that people have for their music. And it is precisely this love that spawned the idea of an Edinburgh-based event. A bingo night inspired by ABBA songs and fashion will be held in Edinburgh for the 7th year in a row.

Since the event was first launched in 2015, the ABBA-themed Bingo Night has been a huge success. The event, as always, is sponsored by Bongo’s Bingo, which has announced recently that the theme of this year’s bingo game is “Winner Takes All”. So, as you can see, every possible stop is being pulled.

But, it isn’t just the bingo game that Edinburghians are looking forward to. The event promises to feature some cheesy ABBA singalongs, superb drinks, delicious food, and of course, all sorts of different prizes. With all of this on the repertoire, it is no surprise that the event has caused such a massive stir.

The man behind the event, Jonny Bongo said in a promotional interview for the upcoming event that Christmas is his absolute favorite time of the year, and that this year, he wanted to celebrate right. For this reason, he is bringing back the Winner Takes All tournament, which was met with huge success during last year’s Christmas party, which was held in Liverpool.

The Winner Takes All is looking to be a huge success in Edinburgh as well, as already people are getting excited about the event. On top of that, Jonny Bongo has promised that the festival will also feature a ton of the usual Bongo’s Bingo hijinks and a ton of Christmas fun.

Though it is a winner take all event, losers will certainly not feel like it. They will be treated to a fabulous ABBA extravaganza. Performers, singalongs, dance parties and a ton of good food and strong drinks will certainly serve as a potent consolation prize to anyone who did not manage to win the bingo event.

For anyone interested in attending the Bongo’s Bingo ABBA Bingo Festival, tickets for early birds have been priced at £10, with the general price of tickets being £12. If you are late for the party, the price will go up to £14. Of course, these numbers do not include the £3 booking price. The event is set for December 2, and the gate will be open to guests between 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.


ABBA, bingo, Christmas and parties, what more could a person ask for? All of these things will be present at the Bongo’s Bingo Annual Christmas festival taking place this year. For those who have the time and money to spare, the event is one of the most anticipated of the year.

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