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Accrington Hosts Bingo Disco Event

Accrington Host Bingo Disco Event

UK and bingo go hand in hand as there are lots of bingo halls available. Accrington is one place in the UK that has loads of bingo fans that like to get together and play some bingo. It will be a host to another unusual bingo event this December.

The event in question is the Bingo That’s Bonkers event which combines bingo with disco music. Besides bingo attendants will have a variety of drinks and snacks at their disposal. They can also enjoy some quality music and an overall fun night with their friends.

Bingo and Music for a Fun Night

Accrington has been chosen as the place to revive the fusion of bingo and disco. The event has been popular for some time but it still is pretty new. But, once the owner of Bingo That’s Bonkers decided on a comeback and Accrington was the place to be.

The event is going to take place at the Poplar Social Club. The event is going to feature bingo with bigger balls than ever, as well as bigger tables to seat more people. The social club also has a bar and a variety of drinks and snacks for anyone looking to attend.

Those people can buy their tickets in time for the event. Each ticket covers seats, as well as inflatable bags, glow sticks, whistles, bingo pens, and even cakes. The bingo event will be accompanied by a group of performers that will have players dance the night away.

The luckiest of all bingo players will get prizes and the others will get an atmosphere that they won’t forget. The event will have all sorts of visitors and all of them will be properly entertained. Music and bingo go hand in hand.

There have been several such events across the UK, and Accrington is just another place where bingo fans will get to experience such an event. Music makes the atmosphere better and when combined with bingo it makes the game more exciting. So, the combination of bingo and music will continue to happen.


Bingo That’s Bonkers is a truly bonkers version of bingo that provides players with a unique bingo version. Disco and bingo are a good match as both provide solid entertainment which is why Arrington bingo players will have fun at such an event later in December.

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