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Amazon Voucher's Bingo Promotion-Promotion Bingo Hall

A cool Back to School promotion is happening this month at Bingo Hall to give you chances to win Amazon vouchers and more.

September is the perfect time for the Back to School promotion that Bingo Hall has set up for players all month long. They know that this is the month that extra expenses come into play because you have to buy all kinds of new school supplies for your kids or for your own college classes. To help add some value to your bottom line, BingoHall is giving players opportunities to win special bonuses and vouchers for in exchange for playing games that you’d be playing anyway.

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How the Back to School Promotion Works

Every single day of the month of September, you have a chance to enter what’s essentially a prize drawing for big bonus opportunities or a virtual Amazon gift card worth $150. This is the perfect prize to help you with back to school savings, and it’s something that’s really making them stand out from the other promotions available in the online bingo world right now.

How to Enter

To enter this promotion, you’ll need to earn a ticket for a particular day’s drawing by making a deposit. The winners for that day’s drawing will be chosen at random from the list of players who qualify, and this will repeat for each day for the rest of the month. There’s no limit to the number of prizes that you can win with this promotion, so you can deposit every single day to get an entry to as many of these drawings as you want.

In short, it’s an excellent opportunity to get rewarded for your normal depositing habits, but just be sure to space your deposits out over multiple days to maximize the number of drawings that you enter and maximize your chances of winning.

A Typical Bingo Promotion

Something that’s really important to point out about the Back to School promotion at Bingo
Hall is that this is a lot different than what you’ll find at most bingo sites these days. The reason it’s so different is twofold. First, you’re getting a prize that you’ll use outside of the world of online bingo instead of just a bonus or free cards. Second, you’re getting a prize that will help you with a real world problem, so it’s a lot more helpful than just getting some extra cards or bonus money.

This promotion is a great example of how Bingo Hall manages to continue to stand out month after month. They do something a lot differently than the competition, and that’s the simple fact that they think about things from the perspective of the players. Instead of force-feeding bingo fans with the same promos over and over again, they mix things up, figure out offers that will really get their users excited and offer deals that make sense in the greater scheme of things. Overall, this big picture thinking and taking into consideration the wants and needs of their players is something that’s led them to a very high level of popularity and trust.