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Amigo Bingo 150K Rodeo Bingo Fest October

150000 Rodeo Bingo Fest

The Last Days of Amigo Bingo $150,000 Rodeo Bingo Fest and All of the Things You Need to Know

Saddle up! The most exciting rodeo happening at Amigo Bingo is finally here. There are so many exciting elements that are part of this adventure. Meaning, you will need to make sure that you are well aware of all of the event details so that you can explore the exciting bingo games filled with generous prizes.

Taking into consideration the impressive $150,000 in jackpot cash, players will get a chance to experience the cowboy world and explore the biggest Rodeo Bingo Fest event that is happening this season. Amigo Bingo is the host of this exciting event, and these are the last few days of the contest. So, continue reading to find out everything that you need to know.

Important Rodeo Bingo Fest Event Details

The excitement is getting even more intense as the last several days of this exciting contest are happening. The event has started this October and lasts all the way to the very last day of the month. Meaning, you only have 5 more days to enter and win some of the biggest, most exciting bingo prizes.

This Rodeo Bingo Fest event is filled with an impressive amount of games that incorporate Wild Cash prizes, including $2,500 cash in weekly rewards, as well as $2,500 cash in grand prizes. Some of the luckiest cowboys will get the chance to earn these exciting prizes, so make sure that you get the chance to become one of them.

All you need to do in order to hop on the last 5 days of this Rodeo Bingo Fest contest is to enter the Main Room that you will find once you enter the Amigo Bingo website. There you will find the biggest exciting games that are happening every day. In addition to all of this, there is an interesting promotion that includes the chance to buy 15 cards and get 5 cards for free. These cards can be used in any of the rodeo games that you want to participate in.

The Participation Procedure

For all of the cowboys that are just now joining the biggest Rodeo Bingo Fest at Amigo Bingo should complete the simple participation procedure. Meaning, the player first opens the Amigo Bingo website and looks for the Main Room that we have mentioned above.

Once all of this is settled, you will need to place the deposit and play any of the Rodeo Games in order to qualify. This implies the fact that each of the Rodeo Fest games that you win will give you 1 point into the weekly contest.

For every $10 that you wager on the Rodeo Fest games, you will get 2 points into the weekly contest, and finally, for each deposit that you make for the weekly contest, you will get 3 points into the weekly rankings.

The Bottom Line

Starting from the 22nd of October all the way to the 31st of October, you will get a chance to participate in the Rodeo Bingo Fest and become one of the rodeo winners. So, good luck and remember to have fun!

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