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Amigo Bingo $150K Lost Treasure Hunt

Amigo Bingo 150K lost treasure

Amigo Bingo Is Hosting $150,000 Lost Treasure Hunt Event and This Is Everything You Need to Know

Wake up the pirate in you because we are going on the biggest Lost Treasure hunt of the bingo season! Amigo Bingo has managed to establish one of the most exciting events that are going to mark the 2021 bingo season, as they have put together one of the most exciting hunts for the lost treasure.

There are so many big prizes that you will get a chance to explore as you move your way through the map of the lost treasure. The ultimate hidden treasure that you will have to look for goes up to $150,000 in cash. So, continue reading and find out all of the smallest details that you need to know before you go off on your pirate journey of searching for the Lost Treasure. With all of this established, let’s get right into it.

Let’s Celebrate the International Pirate Month!

Amigo Bingo is celebrating International Pirate Month with an exciting treasure hunt for the Lost Treasure with $150,000 in guaranteed cash, as well as numerous extra prizes. If you have always wanted to become a pirate, even for a day, now you have the chance to do it.

All you need to do is visit the Amigo Bingo website and you will find the Lost Treasure bingo event that is happening right now. Here, you will have to find the Main Contest Room that will allow you to access some of the most entertaining multi-part games that are filled with double or triple the chance for winning in a single game. This is the beginning of your pirate journey where you will start the hunt for the Lost Treasure.

With the Lost Treasure bingo event, you can win your fair share of $5,000 guaranteed cash every day, as well as hitting the jackpots that go up to $10,000 every hour. All of this and so many extra weekly prizes are waiting for you in the Main Contest Room at Amigo Bingo.

How to Participate in the Lost Treasure Event?

This process is fairly simple and really exciting to complete. All you need to do is know that the treasure is separated into four leader boards throughout the month. This implies the fact that you can easily place deposits and play bingo games on any of the ‘Gold Coins/Chest’ Games during the period of the contest and you will get a chance to rank yourself on the board.

Here, every win in the Treasure Item game will get you 1 point, every $10 that you wager on Treasure Item games will get you 2 extra points, and each deposit that you make within the weekly contest will get you 3 extra points.

The Weekly Winnings

Every week a random winner is selected and you can look out for the top 5 places in order to get a chance to find and open one of the numerous hidden treasure chests.

If you rank in the 5th place you will get $25 BBS, if you rank in the 4th place you will get $50 BBS. The 3rd place will award you $75 BBS, the 2nd place gives you $100 BBS, and if you rank in the 1st place you will get $200 BBS.

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