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Amigo Bingo’s May 250K Jackpot Madness Promotion

 May Jackpot Madness at Amigo Bingo

Let Loose With Amigo Bingo’s May Jackpot Madness Promotion
If you’re looking for a Bingo promotion to make your heart race, look no further than Amigo Bingo!. The Bingo site is one of the best on the market, churning out excellent offers each month. Of course, this one is no different! To celebrate our entry to spring, the operator has put together a May Jackpot Madness promo.

The May Jackpot Madness promotion at Amigo Bingo is exactly what it sounds like. This extravagant event combines some of the best Bingo offers you’ll find on the market, turning out a wild mix of prizes that range from Guaranteed Cash to Extra Rewards. Naturally, the crown jewel of the event is the $250,000 that players can win a share of!

Games Galore

As you might have expected, Amigo Bingo’s top-tier games are at the heart of this promotion. To start, you should keep your eyes peeled for Crazy ‘N Mad games. These fun titles come with a twist every time, keeping you on your toes throughout the event.

With the Crazy ‘N Mad games, the first pattern is where the gold lies. This is where the biggest Jackpot percentage stands, making things a bit more exciting with every new purchase. What’s better, each purchase card will increase the Jackpot, which unsurprisingly, has no cap!

If you’re wondering how you can enter this event and start enjoying the games, the answer is simple – buy a few cards, and you’re in! The cost ranges from 25 cents to $1, giving everyone a fair chance to participate. Naturally, you can also buy cards in bulk for a special offer. If you grab 30, you get five free!

Extravagant Prizes

To win some of the top-tier prizes in this event, you’ll need to put your Bingo skills to the test and rank up on the leaderboards. The good news is that there are several ways to get to the top. They include winning games, depositing, and wagering. All of these contribute to your final score, so be mindful of what you’re doing.

At the end of the contest weeks, a raffle will also be held to hand out additional prizes. These include $250 Bingo Bucks and a 250% Extra Deposit Bonus for first place, $125 Bingo Bucks and a 150% Extra Deposit Bonus for second place, $75 Bingo Bucks and a 125% Extra Deposit Bonus for third place, and $25 Bingo Bucks and a 100% Extra Deposit Bonus for fourth and fifth place.

The $1,000 Cash Grand Prize will be selected randomly at the end of each contest week. The first-place winner will receive $500 in cash, the second-place winner will receive $350 in cash, and the third-place winner will receive $150 in cash.

Some Parting Words

Amigo Bingo’s May Jackpot Madness Promotion might be one of the most exciting events we’ve seen hit the Bingo scene in a while, but it does come with some terms & conditions. To ensure everyone has a good time during the event, make sure to check these out on the Amigo Bingo official website before you proceed.

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