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Angels’ Closet Hosts Redlands Bingo Event

Angels’ Closet Hosts Redlands Bingo Event

By now you should know that bingo is a social event rather than just a game. Lots of people across the States play bingo which is why you can say bingo is a popular game. And it goes well with charities.

Redlands is a place where lots of bingo fans dwell and they’ve decided to come together for a bingo night. Angels’ Closet Charities is the organization behind the event and the aim of the event is to help the students of the Redlands East Valley High School.

A Charity Event for the Redlands East Valley High School
Angels’ Closet is an organization that supplies schools with various materials. They offer school attire such as formal outfits and other pieces of clothing for free. They also help high school seniors with yearbooks and having their photos taken, and more.

In short, they are a charitable organization that helps various high schools with materials and other operations. They have decided to get the people of Redlands together to help the high school students of East Valley High School. And they have decided on an event with a bingo game.

The event will also feature donations of various body sprays for male and female high school students. Moreover, people will be able to buy tickets online and at the door. The event will have a dauber as well as 6 games. Those that decide to donate will also get an extra game.

Bingo is the ideal game for events like this one because there are lots of people that like playing bingo. This way they’ll be able to enjoy a bingo game at a charity event. In other words, they’ll be able to play their favorite game and help some people in need.

Bingo and charity have gone hand in hand several times in a row which is why the charity organization has decided on the game. The event is to take place in December and anyone looking to be part of it will get to play some bingo and help some students. Snacks and drinks will also be available.


Angels’ Closet has been helping high schools and their students with lots of different things and is hosting a bingo charity event to help them again. Anyone looking to attend will enjoy bingo and some other games as well as have a fun night out with friends.

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