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Apollo Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

Apollo Bingo Player Lands £50K Jackpot

The older generation loves playing bingo which is why they fill up most of the UK bingo clubs on a regular basis. It’s a great game that lets them get together and have some fun. They also get some brain exercise while doing it.

The Apollo Bingo Hall in Camborne recently celebrated a jackpot win. The 70-year-old grandmother had a lucky streak as she had landed a jackpot prize of £50,000. She had a rough day, but it all ended well once she called the house on the bingo prize after picking the right numbers.

The Lucky Grandmother

Bingo players get lucky even if they win a modest prize. It’s not about the prize with them, as they’re more interested in the experience and fun they get to have with one another. The lucky player mentioned above was introduced to bingo 20 years ago.

She has been doing it ever since. She happened to have a rough day on the day of the win. So she decided to visit her local club and try her luck at the fruit machines first. A few spins in she managed to win a nice prize of £500 which had her surprised as she wasn’t expecting to get a prize.

Little did she know that it would be the first prize she won that day. Once she was done with the fruit machines she decided on a bingo ticket. She got one and the woman was joined by the other club members in a game of bingo.

The numbers started rolling in as the excitement grew. The woman had each number down and as it happened she picked the right ones. This is what led her to the second prize of the day, a bingo jackpot prize of £50,000.

She decided to share the win with her daughters to help them with some home improvements. She is also going to give some of the money to her grandchildren and donate some of it to charity. In other words, she decided to give back to the community.


A 70-year-old woman decided to play some bingo and managed to win a £50,000 jackpot prize. She won a prize of £500 on fruit machines before landing the big one and had a day she’s going to remember forever. More importantly, she decided to share the money with her family and donate some of it. Sharing is the way to go in bingo and life.

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