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Bingo Addict Swindles Client’s Money

Bingo Addict Swindles clients money

Addiction causes people to do all sorts of things. They will betray their friends and family just so they can get some money to play their favourite games. Bingo addiction is no different and some cases are rather extreme.

In the UK, there has been one such case recently. A woman that cared for an old military veteran managed to gain his trust and swindle £46k on bingo games. This caused great uneasiness in the veteran and prompted him to end his life. She was caught and charged with the crimes that her addiction made her do.

She Swindled £46K on Bingo

Alaina Square seemed like an ordinary mother of two that was working as a maid. She was taking care of an older gentleman that happened to be a military veteran. The veteran had left the army a while ago and had a substantial life savings account.

He was in that stage of life where he needed help which is why he hired Alaina to be his maid. She took care of him and he decided to trust her so much that he gave her his card and PIN when she needed to borrow some money. She promised she would give them back, but nothing of the sort happened.

The thing about the maid is that she was a bingo addict and used his card more than once. She frequented UK bingo halls such as Gala and Mecca Bingo and spent the money there. She had swindled her client out of £46,000 in the past couple of years. But the expenses caught up with her and the veteran noticed the gap in his account.

This had quite an impact on him and he decided to take his life. Once she was caught and her role in the crime was determined she was taken to court. She said that her mental health was in shambles because of her bingo addiction and it was that addiction that had made her do these things. Despite being a mother of two children she was sentenced to 3 years in prison for her crime.


When addiction gets a hold of you it’s hard to get a grip of yourself and you’ll find yourself doing this you don’t normally do. To get out of that kind of situation all you need to do is ask for help. It’s better to put a stop to addiction early instead of letting it fester.

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