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Bingo and Scams - An Unlikely Match

Bingo and Scams

Scammers are pretty much everywhere online. You don’t know when you’re going to get that suspicious email or ad and if you click it, you’re pretty much done. That’s why governments try to educate people on the nature of scammers and scams.

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs has decided to educate consumers by combining bingo and information. This is probably one of the first ways bingo is used to educate consumers on how to prevent scams, how to recognize them, and how to always have the upper hand.

Learn to Stay Safe From Scammers by Playing Bingo

Bingo is a social game as you’ve probably heard lots of times before. People get together to play it and they enjoy it from time to time. That’s why US bingo halls are full to this day and will continue to be in the future.

Sometimes people win and sometimes they lose, but all the time they’re privy to an exciting atmosphere. Bingo has been used for social purposes such as fundraisers and it’s a popular form of doing so as it always gets the attention of lots of people. The social element of bingo is present in nursing homes and it helps the elderly get to see each other and have some fun.

Besides being good for the brain, bingo can be educational as the SCDCA shows. The department has constructed a special kind of bingo and its aim is to inform consumers about scammers. Each bingo card comes with a number and a tip or definition of a certain kind of scam. You can play this kind of bingo on their official website.

Older people love playing bingo and they are the most vulnerable category when it comes to online scams. That’s why the department merged information on scams and bingo. By associating this kind of information with something they love doing, they will have a better knowledge of online scams.

Moreover, by learning this they will be vigilant and wary of scammers online and will be better equipped at recognizing such a threat. They will think twice before clicking a certain link or giving their email address to a suspicious ad.

Anyone that’s looking to play this educational game can go to the department’s website. The game is available to all, so even youngsters can also give it a shot. There isn’t any money involved as all this game aims to do is educate you.

The game is another way of using bingo to benefit the community. It’s a mix of fun and information which is why it will get a lot of attention. After a few rounds, you’ll be better equipped to prevent any online scam.


Once again bingo helps the community thrive by educating it on the prevention of being scammed online. Knowledge is the reward in this bingo game which is why anyone looking to learn can go visit the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs website and start learning.

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