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Bingo Billy's Friday Crazy Cards Promo * May Promos

Crazy Friday Promotion at BingoBilly

Start the Weekend Right with Bingo Billy’s Crazy Cards Promo

Bingo Billy is one of the leading Bingo sites in the US and Europe right now, and as such, it does its best to keep up with players and make their stay on the site more pleasant.

One of the ways it does this is by offering exciting promotions and bonuses, and BingoBilly new May venture, Crazy Cards, is one you don’t want to miss!

The Crazy Cards promo was designed to give participants a boost every Friday in May. It’s an excellent way to start the weekend, as the promo consists of an additional prize on any game you win if you’ve met the minimum eligibility requirements.

How the Promo Works

As we mentioned, this promo is available exclusively on Fridays in May. As long as you deposit at least $30 during the promo period of 2 PM to 6 PM, you should have no issues qualifying for the promotion. Of course, it would be silly if we didn’t mention where the promo is held. Follow the steps mentioned previously in the LuckyCup Room on the website.

The name of the promotion should give you a hint about one of the other important eligibility requirements of this promo – the number of cards. On top of the minimum $30 deposit, players will also need to purchase a minimum amount of cards that lead to their Additional Prize.

Varying Prize Levels

You might have noticed that we skipped over the number of cards you’ll need to qualify for the bonus, and that was intentional. Depending on the number of cards you purchase, the Additional Prize on any game you win will vary! There are currently three different Bonus Prize levels.

The first level includes the minimum amount of cards needed to qualify for the promo. It consists of 20 cards, and it can lead to a $20 Bonus on top of your winning prize. The second level requires users to buy at least 40 cards and leads to a $50 Bonus on top of your prize. The last level requires 60 cards and leads to a whopping $75 Bonus on top of the regular prize you win!

Claiming Your Prize

Unfortunately, the Crazy Cards Friday Promo at Bingo Billy isn’t automatic. If you happen to win, you’ll need to claim your Bonus Prize manually by submitting a Help Desk Ticket. Thankfully, this process is pretty simple. Once you open a ticket, use the option “CRAZY CARDS CLAIM” with your game ID. Be careful, you only have a short window to claim your prize, so do it before 11:59 PM ET on Friday.

Important Terms

As you might have already guessed, this promotion does come with a few terms and conditions in the spirit of keeping things fair. On top of the usual terms and conditions from Bingo Billy, this promo has a few specific ones that you might want to keep an eye on.

The first one is the minimum deposit of $30. Only users with one on file on Fridays will qualify for the promo. Additionally, players qualify to claim their prize on wins after their Friday deposit was made.

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