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Bingo Caller Helps to Deliver Baby

Bingo Caller Helps to Deliver Baby

When you have a game of bingo, you need a person to call the numbers, some people to buy the tickets, and a room to fit them all in. The bingo caller is a job for an energetic person as that person creates the entire atmosphere of each bingo session.

Steve Barlow-Linder is one such man and has had a long career as a bingo caller. During that career, he has helped a woman deliver a baby on stage. This is just one of the examples of how exciting a career as a bingo caller can be.

Steve Barlow-Linder Ends Successful Career

He had been working as a bingo caller for various big-brand bingo names such as Buckingham and Castle Bingo. The thing about Steve is that he wasn’t really looking to make a career out of it. Instead, he was waiting for a hotel job that never came.

So, once he got into bingo, he made the most of it. As mentioned before, one of his exciting moments during his career is helping a woman deliver a baby. But it isn’t the only one. During his bingo calling days he has helped announce lots of winners of dizzying sums of money.

He had called out the names of people that had won £250,000 and £750,000 as well as the winner of a £1 million prize in a national bingo game. Bingo is a special game for some, which is why they play it on special occasions. Some even use bingo games to change their lives forever like proposing to your loved one. Steve has seen his fair share of proposals during his career.

Besides being a bingo caller, Steve is also known as a fundraiser in Liverpool. He’s using the popularity of bingo to help those in need and it’s unlikely that he will stop doing charity events now. He has had a career of 40 years as a bingo caller and is looking back on his years with joy.

Bingo fans will certainly miss Steve as he’s going into well-deserved retirement. But there will be other bingo callers that take his place and bring the same vigor that he brought to bingo halls across the UK. He will also be remembered as a charity man who used his voice and influence to raise millions of pounds for those in need.

In other words, he’ll go down in bingo history as a figure that people could look up to. A career of 40 years is something to be admired and respected. Bingo fans will continue enjoying this amazing game without Steve calling the numbers. It’s safe to say that he will be remembered by his flock.


Steve Barlow-Linder was one of the most popular bingo callers and recently he decided to put a stop to his career of 40 years. Bingo fans across the UK will remember him because he left a mark on the world of bingo. His vigor and energy will forever be remembered by UK bingo fans.

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