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Bingo Canada Tournament Awarding Thousands-Bingo News ⋆

The big Morning Madness tournament for Bingo Canada is running now with thousands of dollars in prizes up for grabs.

If you’re a fan of fast action, then bingo tournaments are the way to go because they give you two ways to win. First, you can win in the special games that are a part of the event. Second, you can win extra prizes based on your performance in those games. This is exactly how the Morning Madness bingo tournament is set up right now. For two hours each day from September 14 through September 20, players will have a chance to play a number of games with extra prizes added in, and special bonus payouts can be won as well.

How This Bingo Tournament Works

Every morning from 5 am through 7 am Eastern for the days this event is running, players will have a number of special $100 games running in the Afterhours Lounge bingo room. What makes these games special is that winning on a call that’s a multiple of five jacks your prize up to $1,000. This is a 10x multiplier for your payout if you win on a call that’s the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, etc. for the game, and it’s a great way that Bingo Canada is adding value to the games for this event.

Extra Prizes

For the tournament as a whole, they are giving away special bonus prizes for any player that achieves certain milestones. Here is a quick look at the three major categories of extra prizes for the Morning Madness bingo tournament:

  • Pick up a $50 bonus for earning five of the $100 prizes by winning events for this tournament.
  • Win $500 bonus for earning five $1,000 prizes during the entire event.
  • Win an additional $500 cash for picking up five $1,000 prizes on five consecutive days.

These extra chances for bonus payouts add a lot of value to this event.

Free Bingo Cards

As if that wasn’t exciting enough and giving players a ridiculous amount of value, there is also a free bingo cards promotion running as a part of this tournament. For every 12 cards that you buy, an additional 12 cards are going to be given to you free of charge. This is a buy 12 get 12 free offer that’s exclusively for the games in the Afterhours Lounge room between 5 am and 7 am only during this tournament event. This is yet another source of value during the Morning Madness bingo tournament.

About Bingo Canada

Bingo Canada is known for being one of the top sites offering online bingo games in Canada, but they’re popular for players in other countries as well because of their combination of a great game selection and lots of valuable promotions. This tournament event shows that they aren’t playing around when it comes to giving players value, and this is a great opportunity to get in on the action and get paid with bonus prizes, $1,000 special payouts for winning on a fifth call and free cards with the buy 12 get 12 free offer.