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BingoFest $13,000 Biggest Bingo Event * Bingo News

BingoFest is an online bingo site dedicated to making its players’ experience at the site the most fun and rewarding ever. This is a site that allows you to sneak-a-peek at the promo offers before they have even begun, and allow you to pre-order your tickets to reserve your place for the upcoming events.

BingoFest Is Getting Ready for the Biggest Bingo Event Ever!

This time, BingoFest has announced the $13,000 Big Bingo Event, which will be happening on the 29th of May. Therefore, if you still haven’t gotten to your place, stay with us to learn how to do it; you still have plenty of time!

$13,000 Big Bingo Event at Bingo Fest

If you’re a player at BingoFest, you know that the site is always promoting new offers and allowing you to participate in exciting events that can both provide you with so much fun and attractive rewards. This May, the operator has a new offer on the horizon: the $13,000 Big Bingo Event!

It is the biggest monthly bingo event, about to drop on the 29th of May. The event is two weeks from now, yet, you have the opportunity to pre-order your tickets and join in on the fun.

Now, there are three important things to mark: the date, 29th of May, the room, Tourney Bingo, and the total prize pool, $13,000. Like what you’re reading? Stay tuned!

Another thing you need to remember is that you need to be signed up with BingoFest in order to enjoy the promo in full. But even if you aren’t already a member, there’s still time to join the site!

How Will It All Go?

The Big Bingo Event will kick off on the 29th of May, at 7:00 pm. It will last until 10 pm. Now, starting at 7 pm and continuing at 8 pm and 9 pm, you’ll first get the chance to play the three warm-up games. These will be the top-of-the-hour $13,000 Guaranteed Games. The main event is the one that starts at 10 pm.

The cards for the warm-up games, which you can pre-order already, will be available for $2 per card. But, there’s also a Buy 3, Get 2 Free offer that’s running at the same time, for the warm-up games’ cards. Therefore, you’ll get the opportunity to play with 5 cards for the price of 3!

Now, the main event starts, as mentioned, at 10 pm. Just like the other three warm-up games, this is a top-of-the-hour game, as well. The prize, however, is a unique, staggering $10,000 sum! The cards for the main event are also ready for you to pre-order, and are priced at $5, therefore, if you still haven’t purchased them, make sure you do today! Even though there’s no promo for the main event cards, considering the awesome prize pool, look at it like this: for a $5 card, you could scoop $10,000! Not bad, right?

Therefore, drop everything and start preparing for the biggest bingo event ever. Just join Bingo Fest and purchase your tickets. You will not regret it!

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