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Bingo for a Worthy Cause Thanks To Baseball Bigshot Justin Turner

Baseball Bigshot Justin Turner Helps Reopen Volunteers of America Transition House

Bingo for a Worthy Cause: Baseball Bigshot Justin Turner Helps Reopen Volunteers of America Transition House

Justin Turner is well-known to baseball fans as they see him every time the Dodgers play a match. This year’s All-Star Week has given baseball players time to catch their breath. But Justin decided to do something else.

He and his wife have a foundation that played a major role in reopening the Volunteers of America Transition House. And they did it with a bingo event. Bingo is one of the favorite hobbies of the Turners and makes for good fun at charities. This is one of the events that was hosted at the event and it made for a memorable All-Star Week.

Famous Faces at Famous Places

California is the place for the event and the All-Star Game Week which is a double win for Justin. The event he helped organize took place during the entire week. Besides him, other famous people turned up among which some of them were the sponsors and beneficiaries of the sponsors. Marti York, Victor DiMattia, Justin Hartley, and even Rob Manfred attended the event.

As mentioned before, Justin’s foundation is one of the event’s organizers. It’s known as the Justin Turner Foundation and is run by the man himself and his wife Kourtney. Their foundation was founded back in 2016 and its goal is to help veterans, their families, and children that are having a tough time battling life-altering illnesses. They also help a variety of baseball youth organizations. But why did they go for bingo?

The Bingo Event

Bingo is something that came naturally to Kourtney. She grew up in Indiana where bingo is a popular pastime. This is also something that the Turners enjoy in their free time and that’s why it seemed a good fit for the event.

Bingo is a popular pastime for many Los Angeles County residents so they enjoyed this one. The bingo event came with 5 stages which offered 5 different rewards. These were made up of tickets to some marquee events of the MLB such as the All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium, the Field of Dreams Game in Iowa, and even the Home Run Derby. The luckiest winner would get a 1-hour hitting session with the man with the plan – Jack Turner.

Flames’ right winger Tyler got the Field of Dreams ticket package, but he gave it to someone else. One of the veterans of a brand new house Jack had helped build snagged the tickets to the All-Stars Game which was pretty amazing.

All in all, the bingo event was a huge hit and some of the participants requested the Turners make this a yearly event and make All-Star Week a week for veterans in need. Giving back to the community is something that comes naturally to Jack Turner which is why he agreed to help out with this event.


This event proves that bingo is more than just a game to play in your free time. It can also help those in need.

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