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Bingo Fundraiser Back by Popular Demand

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North Fort Myers in Florida got its bingo fundraiser back. The NFMCC or the North Myres Chamber of Commerce helped bring this fundraiser back. Before the pandemic, this was one of the most successful fundraisers, and more importantly, it was proof that bingo can bring people together.

Most of the participants of this fundraiser are elderly, and bingo is a great way for them to come together. Additionally, a simple game like bingo can keep their minds sharp and active. Couple that with a good cause, and a game of bingo can help everyone.

Why It Stopped

The pandemic is the main reason why the popular bingo fundraiser stopped. This catastrophic event put a stop to many events. When things started to go back to normal, the war in Ukraine happened, and this inflated the prices of many commodities and goods. The Chamber of Commerce tried 2 times to get the fundraiser back as a means of taking care of the community, but it failed both times. As they say, the third time’s the charm which is why the fundraiser was back after a third try.

Back After a Break

The thing that helped them get the fundraiser back was a change in marketing. In other words, they visited retirement communities and mobile parks that enjoyed a bingo game. In the summer, their regular bingo halls would close, which is why they offered one in the summer.

The bingo game was a dollar game combined with a 50/50 raffle selection. Winners got to choose a variety of prizes from a basket and even got free Sundaes. They also got a nice food pantry to keep themselves energized throughout the day. It was a daily event, and all the people that came got a hell of a time.

John Gardner, the president of the Chamber of Commerce, wanted to make this a monthly thing. Bingo games are fun for the elderly, and they get to spend some time together. It’s also a fundraising event which means a bingo event is for a good cause.

All Souls Episcopal Church was chosen as the location for the bingo game, and he was a bit worried in the beginning. But a lot of people came last minute, which took the event to the next level. He stated that the pandemic was to blame for the bingo fundraiser’s absence.

But after the war with Ukraine broke out, the prices of food increased, which is why they decided to go for a dollar game and keep expenses to a minimum. All in all, the bingo event was a success, and a lot of people had fun.


The NFM Chamber of Commerce Bingo Fundraiser event is a way the Chamber gives back to the community. It has prizes for everyone, a decent food selection, and free sundaes. It’s also proof that bingo can be used for a good cause as it brings this Florida community together.

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