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Bingo Fundraiser Raises Over £2,000 for Charity

bingo fundraiser for charity

Bingo is the ultimate game you can play by yourself or enjoy with friends. The more people that play it, the more enjoyable it is. But bingo is more than just a social game which is why it’s often used for charity events. This happened to be the case recently.

The law firm Alsters Kelly was responsible for the bingo event that raised over £2,000 for various institutions and charities in Warwickshire and Coventry. The event was successful and a lot of people will get the help they need because of this fundraiser.

One Firm to Help Them All

Alsters Kelly is a law firm that has been around since the 80s and during this time it has been helping several charities with fundraisers. These include the likes of Southam Fosse Foodbank, the Helping Hands Community Housing Project, Safeline, Women’s Haven, and The Mary Evans Hospice.

The Cubbington Sports and Social Club was chosen as the place for this fundraiser. The goal was to reach £1,000 to keep these charities running. The word was out and on the designated day, there were a lot of people in the hall looking to play some bingo for a good cause.

The room was packed with many bingo fans looking to enjoy their favorite game and help out by buying as many tickets as they can. The event organizer, Britanie Jeffery was surprised that so many people showed up.

Once the tickets were sold out everyone took a seat at their places and the game started. The balls started rolling in and the numbers came out one by one. There were winners and losers in the bingo game, but the main thing was that everyone helped out with charity. All the money went to the right places and thanks to them people are getting the help they need.

The goal for the charity was £1,000 but because of the number of people that turned up, that number doubled. Thanks to the money raised on this event, people are getting into rehabilitation and horse therapy programs. The Helping Hands community can continue feeding those in need and buying the necessary ingredients for the food that needs to be cooked. In addition to food, the charity also provides a support group for mothers and children.

All in all, help will come to those that need it because the charity organizations will keep on working because they’ve got the appropriate funding raised with the help of Alsters Kelly. Coventry and Warwickshire bingo fans went for a game of bingo and come out richer than ever knowing that the money they spent went to organizations helping those in need. A good cause and a game of bingo can turn the tide.


This is another story of how good people get together to help charities keep their doors open. Bingo was the game of choice because it’s a fun game and there’s a high chance of a lot of people looking to play it. Combine it with a good cause and you’re guaranteed a great outcome.

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