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Bingo Hall High 5 Promotion-Win an iphone 6

The new Bingo Hall High 5 promotion is running through Sunday, August 23, and it offers boosted prizes on every fifth call in a number of games.

The Bingo Hall High 5 promotion started on August 17, and players have through August 23 to cash in with this high-action event. Every single day during this promotional period, you’ll get a shot at four different games in four different time frames, and the catch is that the prize is boosted in a major way for players who win on every fifth call. On top of that, your play in these games will contribute towards a leaderboard tournament that’s happening for the entire month, so you can get value in two ways at the same time.

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The Four Games for the Bingo Hall High 5 Promotion

There are four games to know for this promotion. The first is in the Supernova room from 7 pm to 9 pm every single day. There’s a guaranteed $300 prize, but winners on every fifth call pick up a whooping $2,000 instead. Along similar lines, players in the Dollar room from 5 pm through 7 pm can get a $100 guaranteed win that’s boosted up to $1,000 for people who win on a call number that’s a multiple of five.

The Afterhours room will be hosting a game from 5 am through 7 am for this event, and it also has a $100 guarantee with a $1,000 payout for players who win on a fifth call. Finally, there’s the Fusion room, which will host a $200 guaranteed game from 9 pm through 11 pm every single night except for Saturday. A $1,500 prize will be awarded instead if you win on the fifth, 10th, 15th, 20th, etc. call.

August Tournament Action

A big August tournament is also happening, and your play in the Bingo Hall High 5 promotion games will count towards your position on the leaderboard. The way this tournament works is that you get a point for every happy face pattern that you complete inside of a single calendar week. The player with the most points wins a brand new iPhone 6 every single week. On top of that, two prizes of $300 and $150 will be given to the second and third place winners on the same leaderboard on a weekly basis.

All play in the Supernova, Dollar, Afterhours and Fusion rooms for the Bingo Hall High 5 promotion will allow you to earn points in this event. However, play in the Fair and Square, Desperate Housewives, Quarter, Nickels, and Crazy rooms will also count as long as you have made a deposit within the past ten days of when you earned your happy face patterns.

If you’re looking for an excuse to take advantage of our exclusive $35 free play bonus, the Bingo Hall High 5 promotion is a great reason to come get in on the action. This room has been around since 2001, and they have one of the best reputations for being trustworthy in online bingo.