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Bingo Player Lands £38K Jackpot Online

Bingo Player Lands £38K Jackpot Online

There are lots of bingo fans across the world and some of them happen to be situated in the UK. There are several bingo halls to help these people come together and enjoy some bingo games. But certain players prefer to enjoy bingo online and they’re welcome to do so.

Mecca Bingo is one bingo brand across the UK that offers bingo fun at 76 different bingo halls. Recently a woman from the Uxbridge area decided to play some bingo and was surprised to land a £38K jackpot while doing so.

Uxbridge Woman Lands Amazing Bingo Jackpot

Bingo halls are filled with bingo maniacs looking to get their game on regardless if they’re going to win or lose. The thrill of the atmosphere is all that they’re looking for. Good times can be had with excellent friends and bingo fans at these halls.

That’s why they’re still full and lots of people enjoy playing bingo games. But bingo is available online in the digital age. This is why some players decide to go for bingo games online. Mecca Bingo happens to be a brand that offers online bingo games and it has some active users.

The woman mentioned before likes playing bingo online at Mecca Bingo. The Uxbridge woman decided on an online game with a £2 ticket and little did she know that she would be a lucky winner later on. She was sent a notification email that told her that the purchase had been confirmed and once she picked her numbers she waited.

It didn’t take long for her to get another notification that she had just landed a bingo jackpot of £38,000. She was excited to have landed such an amazing jackpot prize. She also decided to remain anonymous.

Additionally, the female bingo player stated that she was going to treat her family to a Disneyland trip and she was also going to give some of her money to family members. The officials behind Mecca Bingo were also excited about her win and they congratulated her on it.


A Uxbridge woman was lucky enough to land a bingo jackpot prize of £38,000 while playing bingo online. Mecca Bingo is now lucky to have another anonymous jackpot winner among its players. The woman was surprised at her bingo win and she decided to spend the money on her family.

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