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Bingo Player Squanders £1.4 Million in Company Money

Bingo Player Squanders 1.4 Million in Company Money

Bingo is a fun game that people enjoy both online and offline. That’s why bingo halls are up and running and why online bingo sites have thousands of visitors. It’s up to players if they’re looking to play any bingo variant with friends or solo.

Bingo is a popular game in the UK as lots of people enjoy it in bingo halls. It’s a fun night filled with prizes and an exciting atmosphere. But there are still players that don’t know when to stop when having fun. Once such a player embezzled £1.4 million in company money just so she could play more bingo.

The Claws of Addiction Are Deep

Karen Brailsford seemed to be a regular accountant as her clients had been satisfied with her work. She worked closely with them and their finances for years. But she was an avid bingo player and she was stepping out of line.

People need to be careful with their money around others. Their accountants might seem professional and suddenly something happens. It turned out their money wasn’t safe there in the first place. Karen didn’t know how to control her bingo addiction which is why she won’t for other people’s money when hers ran dry.

She had been doing so for 9 years, from 2012 to 2021. Some of the money went to family and friends while most went to her bingo habit. These irregularities showed up on bank reports which is why the executives at the company questioned her. Once she revealed what happened, she was prosecuted.

Her clients couldn’t believe what they were hearing as she had worked closely with them for many years. She was heard in court and her sentence is yet to be stated. The thing about Karen is that she’s another victim of addiction.

She needed to put her breaks in order, so she could know when to stop. Discipline is key when playing bingo and you should never go chasing after loses and wins. Now she’s legally liable for her actions and will get the proper help to battle her addiction.


Bingo addiction is a serious problem that some players deal with. That’s why it’s important to seek help at the early stages. The claws of addiction sink deep and the addict as well as their surroundings feel the consequences. Asking for help, in this case, is the hardest step, but a necessary one.

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