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Bingo Player Wins £50,000 After Almost Staying Home

Unexpected bingo win
Near Miss: Bingo Player Wins £50,000 After Almost Staying Home

Sometimes when you make a plan you need to stick to it and make sure it works. But other times changing your mind might lead to an unexpected reward like it led to an anonymous bingo player at Mansfield.

She was a regular at the Apollo Bingo and she and her friends enjoyed a bingo game from time to time. She almost didn’t get to the current game as she decided to stay home. But in the end, she changed her mind and managed to get to the bingo hall. To her surprise, a regular bingo night would turn into an amazing one when she won the £50,000 jackpot.

A Change in Mind Turns Out to Be Rewarding

As mentioned before, the woman was a regular at the bingo hall. She enjoyed playing bingo and this night she decided not to visit the hall. In other words, she was going to have a quiet night at home. But then, something clicked inside her and she decided to go anyway.

She got ready and went to the Apollo Bingo Hall. She got a ticket and picked up her cards. All that was left to do is to wait for the numbers to land so she could see how she did. To her amazement, all the numbers called matched, and then the final number came in. It was 16 and it was the final number needed to win the jackpot of £50,000.

She was ecstatic as she hadn’t won anything before. But she remained a team player and yelled “House” instead of bingo. In other words, everyone got a piece of the prize. The players and the staff at the hall congratulated her on the win, they were just as excited as she was.

She decided to treat herself and her children to something with her win. She also said she would buy artificial grass and put it on her lawn so her son wouldn’t need to bother with mowing the grass. Her son usually accompanied her to the bingo hall, but this time he was busy. In fact, he was the reason she might not have been in the bingo hall and if that happened, she would have sat out the jackpot.

The Unexpected Jackpot Win

Instead, she changed her mind at the last minute and made the trip. The trip was worth it as she had won the jackpot prize which was the first time she had won anything. But she also thought of the other players which is why she shared her prize with them.

Bingo is a fun game and more so when you win a prize, regardless if it’s a jackpot or not. Hitting the right numbers is difficult, but it’s worth it when you do so. When lady luck is on your side and is nudging you to visit a bingo hall, then you should follow her instinct as the winner of the jackpot did. That’s how she won her first grand prize.

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