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Bingo Players Caught up in Police Incident

Bingo Players Caught up in Police Incident

Frightened bingo players were caught up in a police incident involving armed policemen in Bradford. On 4 September (Sunday), at around 7:35 pm, police were called to Buzz Bingo – formerly known as Gala Bingo – after a report alleging that men were seen carrying weapons.

According to West Yorkshire Police, three men ran into the bingo establishment claiming that men with guns were chasing them down. Images have emerged of a banged-up car left in front of the bingo hall. Police believe the car had been vandalized using bricks.

What Happened in Buzz Bingo?

On 4 September, the customers of Buzz Bingo experienced quite the shock, as they were caught up in an incident involving crazed men with knives and armed policemen, vandalized cars and apparently false reports of gunfire. When the police showed up at the scene, they came armed and ready for a gunfight. However, all they found was a banged-up car, the men who reported it. The perpetrators had fled.

The details are still a bit unclear, however, the West Yorkshire police force claims that the way they understood the report was, that three men had run into the Buzz Bingo establishment screaming that they were being chased by gunmen.

However, once the police were on the scene, they could not retrieve any firearms, nor could they find evidence of a firearm being discharged.

What they did find was a rather banged-up car and reports of men swinging large knives. So far, they believe that the car had been vandalized using heavy objects such as bricks or rocks. Some of the details of the story can be patched up using the testimonies of the customers.

Many reported seeing scenes of chaos unfold as the police came in armed. Some sought shelter under the gaming tables. Others screamed and ran to the exit. Apparently, one of the dabbers had begun to hit the buzzer in an attempt to alert the main hall.

One of the customers made a statement in which he claimed that he had seen one of the bandits dressed in black standing by the women’s toilet. He further states that he and his group believed the young lad looked suspicious, or at the very least, strange.

Other customers reported noticing the same young lad, and noting his behavior as weird. Soon, the hall was in chaos, as a man ran in swinging a machete and making some pretty frightening threats. Panic overtook the bingo hall, with customers jumping and running to safety, ducking under the tables and screaming.

Soon, all of the customers were moved to the main hall, and in about 20-or-so minutes, the bingo hall was empty and the bandits had gone.


The customers who lived through the incident are reliving the scene in their minds. The harrowing experience has left quite a few frightened and frustrated at the way the events unfolded. The police are still looking for the men who might be responsible for the incident.

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