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Bingo Rave at Bournemouth in June

Bingo Rave at Bournemouth in June

Mixing bingo and crazy parties sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the minds of Bongo’s Bingo have managed to merge the two with massive success. This is a new kind of bingo experience that bingo fans enjoy across the UK.

Bournemouth is the next great stop for the people of Bongo’s Bingo as two dates have been secured. June 2nd and 30th are the dates when Bournemouth bingo fans will be able to enjoy bingo and party through the night. The month’s theme is associated with pop divas throughout the years.

Bongo’s Bingo Get 2 Dates in June

Bingo is quite popular across the world, the UK included. There are lots of bingo halls and brands offering the game to bingo fans. But the minds of Bongo’s Bingo have decided on going for something else entirely.

Partying and bingo don’t seem to mix, but music and dancing relax people. And some of those people happen to be bingo fans which is why they are going to enjoy Bongo’s Bingo events. The company has had several successful events across the UK and the world. The most recent one in Scotland was quite successful and it got the attention of Samuel Jackson, the famous actor.

Recently, the team secured the O2 arena in Bournemouth again. June is going to offer 2 amazing parties for bingo fans. In other words, Bongo’s Bingo has amazing events planned. Besides bingo, participants will also be able to enjoy karaoke, dance-offs, as well as rave rounds. June is going to be a month dedicated to pop divas such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Cher, Whitney Houston, Dolly, Celine, and Madonna.

Both events are titled Night of the Divas and fans of 90s music will get to enjoy their favorite songs while playing some bingo. The previous events speak for themselves, and the company is bringing bingo back to Bournemouth with crazier parties. 90s songs and bingo seem like a good match which is why the bingo fans and other visitors to the event are guaranteed to have some fun.


Bongo’s Bingo strikes again in June with Nights of the Divas as the company has secured two dates in June where visitors will have the chance to play some bingo and enjoy 90s hits from various pop divas. In other words, bingo fans will have the opportunity to visit the O2 arena and have some fun.

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