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Bingo Spirit Happy Hour Bingo

Happy hour bingo bingospirit

Bingo Spirit Happy Hour Bingo Is Here and Here Is Everything You Need to Know

Do not miss out on the most exciting opportunities that the world of online bingo has to offer. Tune in for the most entertaining Happy Hour Bingo event at Bingo Spirit that is happening this August. Within this event, you will get a chance to explore some of the biggest and most impressive online bingo opportunities that will come your way, thus, allowing you to enjoy every minute of the process.

The Bingo Spirit Happy Hour Bingo is happening and if you continue reading you will find out everything that you need to know about the most exciting bingo day of the week. So, without any further ado, let’s get right into exploring all of the juicy details about the Happy Hour Bingo event.

Join In the Fun

In the hottest days of August, everyone is searching for ways to cool down and enjoy the rest of the warmer season. There is no better way to enjoy all of this than the opportunity to attend the biggest happy hour of the season. Here, we are talking about the most exciting Happy Hour Bingo event that lasts right up to the very end of this month. The end might be near, so hurry up and gather all of the important details you will need to know.

Starting from the important dates, the Happy Hour Bingo is happening twice every Thursday. Bingo Spirit is quite generous when it comes to organizing some of the most exciting online bingo events. The overall setup of the event explores a morning portion that lasts 1 hour and an evening portion that lasts 2 hours. All of this takes place on the same day at the Seasonal Bingo Room, in this case, that is every Thursday of the month of August.

What Are the Prizes?

If you decide to explore the first portion of the Happy Hour Bingo, which is the morning one, the schedule that you have to remember is that it starts at 14:00 pm EDT and lasts to 15:00 pm EDT. The first Happy Hour of the day players will get a chance to explore the bingo games that start with $50 game with $10,000 coverall. Within this segment, you can find a promotion that offers buy 6, get 3 free for all of the cards. This implies the fact that they cost just $0.25.

For you to access the second part of the Happy Hour Event, you should be there at 21:00 pm EDT and stay until 23:00 pm EDT, in the same room, which is the Seasonal Bingo Room.

Within this portion you will get a chance to start the event with Bungee Bingo, this is where cards will get a chance to stick at $0.75 for each game. For this particular promotion, there is a $1,000 prize up for grabs. The event keeps on going until it reaches $100. Towards 22:00 pm EDT, there is going to be a high or low $50/$150 gaming possibilities where cards will cost only $0.25.

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